Sister Wives Star Robyn Bashed On Social Media

Sister Wives Star Robyn Bashed On Social Media

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal that there will reportedly be a bevy of star favourites, with patriarch Kody Brown and his four wives getting equal time. But increasingly, the popular reality series has revealed that not all women get equal attention from Brown. As a result, accusations of favoritism have bombarded the Sister Wives clan. Mix in insults for one of Kody Brown’s wives in particular, and it’s not very nice.

Find out below why Kody Brown and one of his wives, Robyn Brown, repeatedly face criticism on social media.

On the show Sister Wives, Kody and wives Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown have shown their belief in the practice of fundamentalist Mormonism. As the newest wife, Robyn plays the role of Kody Brown’s only legal wife.

But should this position mean that Robyn Brown gets all of Kody Brown’s time and attention? Viewers of Sister Wives will feel that this is exactly what is happening, as slams directed at Brown have become more frequent in the past season.

Some of the changes in Kody Brown’s time allocation are understandably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This health crisis tested families across the country. However, some Sister Wives fans felt that the way Kody handled these challenges was unfair to most of his wives and children.

On social media, followers of Sister Wives have increasingly berated Brown for, as one Reddit commenter wrote, acting “selfish and cruel” towards most of her family. And Brown certainly didn’t win over fans with his whining about time spent with Robyn Brown. Kody reported that his and Robyn’s hours together are affected by other women’s complaints.

Sister Wives Star Robyn Bashed On Social Media

On Sister Wives, this truism is reversed. Robyn Brown, the newest wife, seems to have gained the strongest position.

As a result, Robyn Brown faces accusations from viewers of trying to steal Kody’s attention. And rather than potentially being ignored, Robyn Brown seems to have alienated Brown from his other wives, Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown. Social media has taken notice. For example, followers of Reddit’s Sister Wives have been circling and repeatedly berating Robyn for everything from taking up Kody’s time to her style.

Is Robyn Brown trying to ‘blend in’ with other, older women to reduce their potential jealousy? Or is Robyn hoping to play the role of queen of the castle as Kody’s legal wife by dressing the part?

Written by Evelyn Foster


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