Sister Wives: We Are Family

Sister Wives: We Are Family

When Sister Wives first premiered in 2010, Kody Brown introduced the world to her blended family. One of the things his first and lawful wife Meri Brown said was that they didn’t get weird. Still, their family lineage might prove too close for some. Questions of who is related to whom have constantly come up. In the final episode, where Janelle Brown’s mother dies, it comes up again.

Polygamy has been looked down upon for centuries, which is why Kody Brown and his family wanted to come out with their story. They felt the need to normalise their lifestyle and show the different sides of polygamy. When he first introduced his three original wives to viewers, they all lived in the same Utah home.

At the time, Kody Brown was legally married to Meri and they had one daughter together. Mentally, he was married to his second wife, Janelle Brown, who bore him six children. The same was true of his third wife, Christine Brown, who was pregnant with the couple’s sixth child, a girl named Truely.

Kody Brown also courted his soon-to-be fourth wife Robyn Brown, who had three children of her own. It was a lot to take in, but they seemed to manage it all. But as the show began to develop, more information about the Browns came out. For one thing, Janelle Brown had been married to Meri’s brother before marrying Kody. That’s how the two met. Eventually, she divorced the Meri brother and became wife number two. Then, in one episode, the family headed to the Kody family ranch. They went to see his father, but were in for a surprise. One of Kody’s mothers was actually Janelle Brown’s mother. Yes, Kody’s father was a polygamist who had two wives, one of whom was Janelle’s mother Sheryl. Kody talked more about the family connection in a clip from this week’s episode.

Sister Wives: We Are Family

In this exclusive clip from Entertainment Tonight, Kody Brown is on his way to Wyoming. Janelle Brown’s mother has just died of cancer. She’s already there because she rushed to be by her mother’s side as soon as it became serious. She explains that she was not only her mother-in-law, but also a mother of sorts. As mentioned above, Kody had met Janelle Brown before getting married, when he was with her brother.

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