Sister Wives: Where Is Meri Brown Living Now?

Sister Wives: Where Is Meri Brown Living Now?

Things are getting more and more complicated as the premiere of the 16th season of “Sister Wives” draws ever closer. Kody Brown and Christine Brown have already split up and there are reports that another divorce could be announced soon. Fans were expecting Meri to live in Utah, as her social media activity shows.

However, recent speculations say that she might be staying at Kody Brown and Robyn Brown’s guest house attached to their cherished Flagstaff mansion. A clip from the season 16 trailer fuelled these rumours.

Sister Wives: Where Is Meri Brown Living Now?

A lot of things have happened in the Brown family recently. Among other things, Janelle and Meri Brown lost their rental flats. In fact, the former had to move to a mobile home due to lack of accommodation.

Unfortunately, Meri Brown lost her mother this year and moved to Utah to run her B&B on her own. In the midst of it all, Christine Brown sold her $700,000 house in Flagstaff to move into a luxurious two-storey in her hometown. In the meantime, Robyn and Kody lived their best life as a full-fledged family in their expensive mansion. The house is also known to have a small guest house that can fit a few people.

However, fans claim that Robyn Brown didn’t offer the guest house to Janelle, which might be the reason why she chose the mobile home as her place to stay. However, a clip from a trailer for the upcoming season recently attracted a lot of attention. In this scene, Meri was seen sitting in Kody and Robyn Brown’s house, eating a sumptuous dinner with Robyn’s children.

TLC viewers have said that it’s unusual for Kody Brown to receive Meri at his favorite woman’s house. Moreover, the fact that neither Janelle nor Christine Brown were present at the dinner is also suspicious. In the midst of these discussions, some fans also brought up the possibility that the first wife could be staying with Robyn after she lost her rental apartment. Besides, the fact that Robyn has a small guest house reinforces the likelihood that Meri is living in her house.

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