Social worker leaves secret $11 million fortune to children’s charities

Alan Naiman was quite economical when it came to his spending habits. He always saved when he could, and if possible, he wouldn’t spend a cent. We all have times when we could use our money sparingly, so friends were surprised when they discovered that after his death Alan had left more than $ 11 million with children’s charities.

Alan was 63 years old when he died and never married or had children, but he loved children and they were extremely important to him. In his time on earth, he cherished a few children and also cared for his brother, Daniel, who had developmental disabilities. Alan was a social worker for the rest of his life after he left the banking system.

Alan had a good friend named Shashi Karan, whom he had met when he worked at the bank in the 1980s and had kept in touch with them ever since. Karan had nothing but good things to say about Alan.

“He was just such a guy that he couldn’t just spend the money. It was just in his nature to save the money and put it aside … I think he always knew he would leave his money for charity, “Karan said.

Alan rarely spent a cent on himself. After his father died, he was left with a considerable fortune that he also threw away the rest of the money he had saved. Only when his brother died in 2013 did he decide to spend and do something nice for himself; he bought a Scion FR-S sports car.

Alan planned to do more with his life with part of the money he had, including travel and buying a new house with a luxurious view. All of that came to a halt when Alan was diagnosed with cancer.

One group that gave Alan his money was the Pediatric Interim Care Center, which takes care of babies suffering from prenatal drug exposure. According to the care center, in a tribute posted on their official website, he had given enough money to pay off the mortgage on his building.

Alan apparently said he gave them because they were there where he needed a place for sick babies when they were offered him as a social worker.

“My gift will be larger than their annual budget. It’s going to blow them away, “his friend, Karan, remembered that he had said. “And it happened.”
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Written by Tommy Kilmer

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