Sonya Deville Feels Pressure to Move in With Girlfriend

Sonya Deville Feels Pressure to Move in With Girlfriend

Is Sonya Deville ready to take the next step with friend Arianna Johnson

In this clip of the all-new Total Divas on Tuesday, the wrestling fox is put under pressure to move in with Arianna’s mother Deanna

“I live in Fort Lauderdale and Arianna’s mother is a realtor. And she always, always, always suggests that I go to Tampa,” Deville notes in a confessional. “I care a lot about Arianna, but I just don’t want to hurry.”

Although Sonya agrees to look at a few features, she expresses her concern about “moving so fast.”

“It’s just as notorious that lesbians are known to move so fast. They meet one day. Three months later they buy a house together,” adds the 26-year-old. “I was guilty of it a few times in the past.”

Apparently, Deville has previously lived with two girlfriends. That is why she is eager to ‘take it easy and be smart’.

Nevertheless, Deville is implementing the proposed move to Tampa by good friend Carmella

“I don’t buy a house anywhere,” Deville assures its Total Divas

Yet Deville admits that she “wants to move in” with Arianna.

“Let’s walk before we run,” Carmella wisely advises Deville.

Carmella even claims that her “paranormal” intuition tells her that Deville “is not going to buy a place soon.”

Is Carmella right or will Sonya caves and move in with Arianna? Look for that answer to the episode of Tuesday!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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