Sorry Sweethearts Fans, There Will Be No Candy Hearts This Valentine’s Day

Sorry Sweethearts Fans, There Will Be No Candy Hearts This Valentine’s Day

I’m sorry, honey fanatics, for the first time in 153 years we celebrate our favorite day without Sweetheart’s Conversation Hearts. Sad, sad day. Why do you ask? Unfortunately, the company (which you may call “Necco”) no longer produces the classic Valentine’s Day candy. What does that mean for us? Well, that means they will not be on the shelves. This means that we have to find another way to send all those sweet messages to our loved ones.

Sweethearts began in 1866 with the production of candy hearts. The sweets were taken over by Necco in 1901 and have since become the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in 21 states! Not until the creators have decided to get creative and embrace cute messages on each candy heart, such as “Cutie Pie,” “Be Mine,” “Tweet Me,” “Text Me,” “You Rock,” “Soul Mate,” Love “Bug”, “Me + You” and the famous “Kiss Me”. It was the perfect way to tell someone that you liked him without being too obvious. Last year, the Candy Store reported that the hearts were the most popular sweets for Valentine’s Day in America. Yes, I know what you think. Why did not they have a business anymore?

Well, by 2018, Necco was the oldest confectionery company in operation. Until July, when the company closed abruptly and announced their sales plans. This made it difficult for other companies to either buy all Necco products or buy the brand one by one. In September of the same year, Necco was bought by Round Hill Investments and sold to the Spangler Candy Company. Sweets are no stranger to Spangler, as they also produce Dum Dum Lollipops, Necco Wafers and Circus Peanuts.

Because of the time it takes to set up a conversation center, the Spangler Candy Company decided not to make it anymore because they did not have enough time to produce the candy for 2019. Therefore no hearts. For Necco, it took a total of 11 months to produce 8 billion conversational hearts that would be sold in 6 weeks before Valentine’s Day! Can you believe it! 8 billion hearts for 6 weeks, that’s crazy! I would be worried too.

Since Necco’s factories were shut down in July and Spangler took over the company only in September, they could not maintain demand for 2019 shelves by 2020, so a year will not kill us. I hope.

Of course, you did not think we would leave you empty-handed, right? Can not you wait until 2020 to eat these delicious candies? On our favorite site, Amazon, you’ll find some stacks for just $ 10 for a casket with sweethearts! Take Willy Wonka aside, leave it to Amazon to save the day, am I right? Click here to stock up on our favorite Valentine candy and surprise your friends (or your crush) with a special treat. I know that I will! I wonder if there will be new flavors next year. Give me the cherry, the blue raspberry and the green apple in one! Please

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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