‘Southern Charm’: Ashley Jacobs and Cast Dish on Her Finale Confrontation With Patricia Altschul

Get ready for a southern confrontation. Or, for some, a disappointment.

During the Southern Charm final on Wednesday night six, Ashley Jacobs finally comes face to face with her mentor-turned enemy, Patricia Altschul, at Pat’s lavish cocktail party … to which Ashley was not invited.

“She didn’t bones about it, she came for me,” teases Patricia. “In fact, I think the word was” award “- it was award for me.”

“What is strange to me is that it just keeps appearing in uninvited places,” Cameran Eubanks notes. “Like, maybe that’s something from the South. You won’t go to a party if you haven’t received an invitation. I think she should read Emily Post’s Guide to Etiquette.”

“I thought: what should I lose?” Ashley confesses to ET and explains her decision to crash the event. “At this point I let them remember. If I go down, I might as well have some fun with this. I thought so.”

“I was so angry when she crashed Patricia’s party,” complains Eliza Limehouse. “She asked me about it and I said,” No, you’re going to make me look like an idiot because I welcome you back to this group. You didn’t apologize and then you throw in a party I’m going to. That makes me alone but worse, because I am the one who took care of you. “

“I think we were all just shocked,” offers Chelsea Meissner. “Every time there is ever [a moment] with Ashley, I think that just about everyone goes, is just like, what else is this girl going to do? We were always shocked at how far she will go.”

ET spoke with the cast of Southern Charm on location in Charleston, South Carolina, in April, just before the season premiered, while Ashley came to ET’s studio in July for an exclusive sit-down interview about her side of things to share. Chelsea also jumped on the phone just before Wednesday’s final.

“I entered [the party] with the thought that there might be a chance,” Ashley continues, returning to her earlier statement that she wanted to set up a show. “Patricia and I, we had a good relationship.”

Patricia took Ashley under her wing during season five of the Bravo series, when Ashley went out with the then member Thomas Ravenel. But when that relationship was unraveled and various allegations of misconduct against Thomas surfaced, all of which are denied to him, Patricia distanced himself from both Thomas and Ashley.

In that process she connected with Thomas’ ex, Kathryn Dennis, of whom Patricia admits that she did not have the highest opinion before. That all changed as she got to know Kathryn better. Patricia claims that her previous feelings toward the 28-year-old were heavily influenced by information Thomas had given her, which Patricia now regards as untrue.

“Just a few days before she went to Kathryn’s side, we talked on the phone for a few hours,” Ashley recalls. “We talked. She said a few things that just weren’t nice about Kathryn, and she tried to make Kathryn troll me and do a few things … do her dirty work!”

Ashley claims she decided not to roll Kathryn on social media, even though she had her own fleeting history with her. Ashley says she told Patricia that she would not continue with the alleged plan that she said had completely taken her out of Patricia’s life. For what it’s worth, Pat denied that this interaction took place and Ashley labeled a conspiracy theorist.

“She thought I was ridiculous to say it, and a few other things happened, and I didn’t do it the right way, but I went to the press,” Ashley admits. “And she felt so attacked by that. And from that moment she made my life hell. She made my life hell. And suddenly Kathryn was her best friend.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” she adds. “She has made a good point of that.”

Ashley offers no details when it comes to how Pat made her life “a living hell,” apart from some social media comments Patricia has made over the last year and a half and Ashley called a “gold digger” and said no one in the cast of Southern Charm wants to have something to do with her.

“I saw some hatred on Patricia’s social media that focused on me, and all of these people are her friends, so I felt she was attacking me, they were attacking me as standard,” Ashley says of the cast. “And when Patricia says,” Oh, who would want to talk to her? Nobody wants to invite her to events … “I just thought I could fuck you!”

Before the party crashed, Ashley met Eliza, her only lifeline in the group, to discuss her plan in a hair salon.

'Southern Charm': Ashley Jacobs and Cast Dish on Her Finale Confrontation With Patricia Altschul

“We’re in the hair salon and I didn’t know her and Mrs. Patricia also had a problem,” admits Eliza. “And I love Mrs. Patricia, and I think she’s the best. And she’s approaching me against Mrs. Patricia. I am never speechless. I am never confused by words. I was holding a towel over my face, I didn’t know what to say back. “

In the scene, Ashley calls Patricia a “piece of s”, says “hate that b *** h” and warns of karma coming to Pat.

“I still think everyone has a heart and I think she’s a nice person, but I think she hasn’t forgiven herself [for everything that happened to Kathryn],” says Eliza about Ashley. “I think she really needs to figure out what she wants out of here, if anything. And she went back to California, so … I’m going to let that simmer. I saw all of that and I just tried it. That’s all I can say.”

Of course, before Ashley returned home to California, she crashed that party and got her coveted face time with Patricia after the rest of the Charmers made it clear to her that they wanted nothing to do with Ashley. She had surfaced earlier at two group events at Eliza’s house to seemingly make up for something, and received a pretty cold reception from the cast.

“You have to understand what it’s like to have the courage to walk into a party, knowing that nobody likes you,” says Ashley. “Now we are talking about the number of people at Eliza’s [previous] party four times, okay?”

Ashley admits she had second thoughts when she approached the doors of the event, but eventually stepped in because she is “just a glutton for punishment.”

“I thought she might be – she wrote a book about lessons, manners – I thought she might be the embodiment of all that,” Ashley says about approaching Pat. “Maybe I walk into that room and she pulls me aside like a lady from the South. Say: ‘Let’s talk. “You know,” There are some feelings … “or” How are you? ” “

Ashley says she was starting to create a bit of imagination in her mind about what her meeting with Patricia would look like, and imagined Patricia welcoming her with open arms and a warm conversation in the fold. She got the opposite.

“She was thrown out,” Cameran notes. “I just tried to enjoy the show, the show she started, because I knew it would be very entertaining.”

“As we know, I have no drama or misconduct if I can do something about it,” says Patricia.

Before she was sent out, Ashley shouted ominously: “Patricia, I know what you did and the truth will come true!”

“We knew that if she showed up, Mrs. Patricia was fully prepared, of course, hired a security guard,” admits Chelsea. “Frankly, I didn’t think she would show up. But stupid of me that I would ever doubt her.”

In the teasers for the episode, that security officer is quickly taking Ashley away from Patricia as quickly as she appeared before her. The cast then gathers on a balcony to watch the drama unfold while Ashley threatens to call the police.

“I didn’t actually see her come in; I saw her leave,” Chelsea shares. “It wasn’t long before [the news that Ashley was kicked out] came up, and we ran up to the balcony and we saw her outside on the phone, crying to Thomas. So, that’s the part I got to see. “

“I had no one by my side,” says Ashley. “They wanted their chance to go after me and make themselves relevant. I get it. I get it. They’re just – I’m the one everyone’s talking about.”

“It was just a haze,” she adds. “I saw her and looked at it, and for a moment she looked at me, because I said,” Patricia, can I talk to you for a second? “And she looked at me, she turned and I thought she was going to say to her guests,” Excuse me. ” Oh no! I just leave it at that, yes! Oh no. “

“Let’s just say, I’m happy with Ashley Jacobs’ end result,” Patricia notes. “I think people who have problems with her will be cathartic. The show will be cathartic, they will like it. Some people on Instagram say:” Well, I’m not going to watch the show when she is there. ” is a mistake because you will love the result. That is all I will say. “

“It gave me some ending,” says Ashley from her seemingly short meeting with Patricia. “I tried to find peace in that. I did my best.”

“I’m glad I did, because I can look back and say I’ve tried,” she continues. “I wish it would have been different, but I really think I didn’t have a chance. And I think that’s the best way to say it.”

“I think it was a good way to end the season, with her finally leaving and going back to California, where she should be,” says Chelsea. “Hopefully we don’t have to deal with her anymore … but we have thought that several times in the past, and she always seems to pop up out of the blue, so never say never, but that is our hope.”

“I think nature goes its own way with … people like her,” Kathryn offers, Patricia quickly questioning the use of the word “human.”

“That’s what I call her,” Kathryn replies. “[Although], I don’t think she’s a real person in manners. She destroys herself, and that’s what nature does. It’s hard to think of words to talk about because she doesn’t feel like it.”

Watch the whole event in the final of season six of Southern Charm, which is broadcast on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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