Sprinkle Ramen Powder on French Fries

I am a worldly woman with a lot of class, so one of my favorite things about traveling is seeing what the local talent at international McDonald’s has to offer, especially with regard to dipping sauces and McFlurry options. I dined at Cadbury McFlurries in England and dipped my gold nuggets in La Sauce Curry in France, but this shake shake fries with a “shake shake” from Hong Kong is really something special.

The fries are a collaboration with Nissin – the Cup o ‘Noodles / Top Ramen people – and they are exactly as they sound: McDonald’s fries seasoned with window powder. Instead of covering whole portions of fries with a savory spice mix, the powder is supplied in a separate bag, along with a bag to shake to ensure that the taste is evenly distributed (hence the name).

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It is such a simple, obvious link. As a well-known fan of both messages and herbs with window powder, I am frankly shocked and upset that I have not yet tried. Unlike most international fast food products I have tried, it is something that can easily be replicated at home. Just order some fries – or make them yourself – and then sprinkle over your favorite package of window powder that, if you are something like me, already has a collection.

You can even adjust your frying oil to your taste. For example, if you are a fan of cooking your fries in schmaltz, try the chicken flavor, or shake beef fat with some fries with the beef powder (unfortunately this does not work with shrimp, as there is no such thing as shrimp fat). I also don’t understand why we have to stop at fries – why don’t all potatoes have windows? Ramen-seasoned hash browns topped with a runny nose sound pretty good, just like ramen mash potatoes.

Just don’t shake the jars in a paper bag. That will not end well.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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