Surveillance video shows Danny Trejo rush to save baby after car crash

Newly released surveillance video shows actor Danny Trejo running to a toppled SUV to save a baby with special needs after another car hits the vehicle after driving a red light on Wednesday.

Trejo, 75, is the first bystander on his way to the crash in the Sylmar district of San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

“I got into the car, but I couldn’t release the seat belt … If the baby wasn’t in that car seat, he would probably have died because he had torn the entire back seat.” He said that a young bystander “put her hand in it to be able to press that button and that is when I got the child out.”

Firefighters in Los Angeles freed the grandmother of the baby who was trapped in the driver’s seat.

Trejo said he knew what to do because he works with children with special needs.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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