Suspect wanted in Nipsey Hussle shooting identified by police

Nipsey Hussle was one of four people standing by a car when gunfire broke out outside the rapper’s Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles, video of a security camera that was trained at the parking lot shows.

It is not clear who Nipsey is, but people seem to be talking. Others are cycling around the store. A figure dressed in dark clothing appears to be approaching the four and then everyone scatters.
Two of the people standing by the car, however, do not get far. They fall to the floor. One of them, dressed in a white hat and a shirt, seems to be trying to get up again, but suddenly collapses.
A suspect has been named in Nipsey’s shooting death, the Los Angeles Police Department announced Monday evening after a memorial to the rapper ended in a rush in which several people were injured, two critical.
Eric Holder, 29, is wanted for murder, the LAPD reported early Tuesday.

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The Grammy-nominated artist was shot in the Hyde Park neighborhood on Sunday. In a statement, police said Holder walked to Nipsey and two other men while they were outside a company in a strip store on West Slauson Boulevard.

He fired several times and then ran to a nearby alley where a vehicle – “driven by an unidentified woman” – was waiting for him, police said. Holder went from the passenger side and the vehicle fled, authorities said.

Nipsey died during the shooting and the other two men were injured and taken to the hospital.

“Detectives have worked tirelessly and are now asking for public assistance in tracing the suspect in this case,” police said in a statement.
Holder was last seen in a white four-door Chevy Cruze 2016, with the California license plate 7RJD742, police said on Twitter.

“Anyone with information about his whereabouts or this fatal shooting is requested to contact South Bureau Homicide at 323-786-5100.”

Officials treat injuries at Nipsey’s memorial, one person detained

Monday night a massive crowd gathered in the streets of southern Los Angeles for a memorial to the rapper, which ended abruptly when several people were trampled and police – armed with riot gear and batons – began to form containment lines.

A police officer was also injured, police spokeswoman Meghan Aguilar said during a newsletter.

At one point there was “massive panic and chaos” in the area, with around 300 people running away from the location at the same time, she said. It is unclear what, if anything, causes the rush.

The Los Angeles fire department transported 19 patients, a majority of them with “delayed injuries,” the fire department said.

On the CNC partner’s KCAL / KCBS live signal, some people were seen carrying others who appeared to be injured because emergency officials were working on people on the ground.

Of the patients transported by the fire brigade, two had critical injuries and two had serious injuries. The others suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the fire department said. One person was injured in a car crash, the fire department said.

There were no gunshots on one of the wounded, the LAPD told CNN.

Aguilar said that stones and bottles were thrown at agents when the area was cleared. At least one person has been arrested for disorderly conduct, she said.

An entire community heartbroken

“We understand that the community is grieving and we feel your loss,” the Los Angeles police said in a tweet Monday night. “We ask everyone to follow the directions of the agents and get rid of the immediate environment. Our men and women are on site and do everything to protect everyone who is present at the Nipsey Hussle vigil.”

Beyond the massive crowd that united to honor the rapper near where he died, hundreds more mourned the nation and emphasized the gaping hole that Nipsey’s death will leave on his community.

Last year the rapper opened a workspace and science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, a center that he described as a bridge between Silicon Valley and downtown. He hoped that this would help to offer more opportunities to young people.

Steve Soboroff, LA Police Commissioner, revealed on Twitter that he would come to the rapper’s request to talk about ways he could help stop gang violence and help us help children.

“(Nipsey Hussle) did a great job for the people,” Colin Kaepernick said on Twitter. “Keep his legacy alive by continuing his work.”

“We’ve done (Nipsey Hussle) wrong … he shared his purest self, his vision and traits of his origins with all of us: empowerment and community, something that many of us don’t have,” rapper Pusha T has tweeted.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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