‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska Calls Jenelle Out on One of Her Reunion Special Lies

Chelsea Houska has become a responsible and reasonable adult. The native from South Dakota may be part of the teen Mom 2 cast, but she has perfected the art of staying in her own lane – that has been heretofore. Houska’s father, Randy Houska, immediately got into Jenelle’s drama when the news about Nugget’s death broke, but Chelsea Houska usually stayed out. When the episode of the reunion was broadcast, the mother of three was happy to straighten out the story of one big lie that Jenelle told during the reunion special. According to Houska, there is absolutely no way Evans did not know who Colin Kaepernick was.

Jenelle claims she has no idea who Nessa was dating

Nessa seemed ready to rattle with Jenelle Evans, but she made sure she kept her calm. However, Jenelle Evans could not do the same. The mother with problems in the three had a major collapse when Nessa confronted her with offensive messages on social media she made about Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick and Nessa date since 2015.

Evans tried almost everything to get out of the confrontation. She claimed she had no idea what Nessa was talking about. She claimed that she would not even manage her social media profiles. In the end, she claimed to have no idea who Kaepernick was, or whether Nessa was dating him. When that did not work out, the former reality TV star rushed onto the stage crying.

Chelsea Houska confirmed that Kaepernick has been on set

Nessa has been working with the cast of Teen Mom 2 for some time. She not only organized the most recent reunion special, but she also participated in the after-show. While Evans would love her fans to think she didn’t know anything about Nessa and Kaepernick when she sauntered at the reunion special stage, that’s not the case.

Houska responded to a fan tweet suggesting Evans had no idea of Nessa’s relationship with Kaepernick. She put down the theory. Chelsea noted that Jenelle was more than aware of Kaepernick, because they had all been waiting for him several times. While Houska tried to articulate her answer as diplomatically as possible, you can read between the lines. She actually said that Jenelle is lying. The now disgraced reality star knew Kaepernick absolutely and was aware of his relationship with Nessa before he was confronted with her posts on social media.

The reunion special is the least of Jenelle’s problems

While Nessa had the chance to invite Evans to her posts on social media, they are definitely the least of the problematic star’s problems. Not only has she been fired from Teen Mom 2, but Evans is now fighting to regain custody of her two children.

Add to that the fact that she quickly became one of the most hated reality stars of all time, and Evans is not doing well. Her guardianship case continued until the end of June. In the meantime, the North Carolina resident would reportedly seek therapy and probably look for alternative income streams. What is likely to be her next move is.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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