Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska Criticized Again for Overuse of Fillers and Orange Hue in Photos

Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska Criticized Again for Overuse of Fillers and Orange Hue in Photos

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has come under fire again for her apparent overuse of cosmetic fillers, with fans criticizing her orange hue in recent photos. The 31-year-old reality star recently shared a series of videos promoting a photo book company, but fans were more focused on her changing appearance.

Some fans have expressed concern for Chelsea Houska, stating that her lips look unnatural and her face appears uneven around the mouth. Others have suggested that Houska’s look may be achieved through the use of filters. This is not the first time Houska’s appearance has sparked controversy, with fans accusing her of “blackfishing” in a family photo posted last year.

Fans have previously joked about Chelsea Houska’s fake tan, with one Reddit user commenting on a throwback clip that showed the drastic difference between the tone of Houska’s face and the rest of her body. Others noted how Houska’s look has changed over the years, with some expressing solidarity with her, having made similar beauty mistakes in the past.

Chelsea Houska has faced criticism for her appearance before, with fans accusing her of cultural appropriation in the previously mentioned family photo. Some suggested that Chelsea Houska’s attempt to look “brown” was inappropriate and that she appeared to be trying to adopt a different race.

Despite the criticism, Chelsea Houska has not responded to the comments about her appearance. The reality star has been open about her struggles with anxiety in the past, and it is possible that her changing appearance is linked to this. Fans have urged Houska to consider her own wellbeing before making any further cosmetic alterations.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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