Teen Mom 2 : Jenelle Evans and David Eason briefly lost custody of their children

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have experienced a lot in the past year. The couple landed themselves in hot water shortly after Eason shot their dog. This caused MTV to release Evans from their hit Teen Mom 2.

Fans have long wondered how long Evans would stay with David. The latter has long been unpopular with Teen Mom 2 viewers, who believe he has a bad influence on Evans. In a recent Instagram post, however, she decided to share with fans what happened in their relationship and where they are right now.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason briefly lost custody of their children

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Throughout the drama, Evans and Eason also succeeded in losing custody of the three children who lived with them. After the news that
David Eason reportedly killed their dog, a judge ordered the removal of Evans and Eason’s children because there were indications that their home environment was not safe.

The judge also ordered the couple to undergo drug testing, receive counseling, attend parenthood classes, and, in the case of David Eason , submit to a psychological evaluation. In early July, a new judge dismissed the case, citing a lack of evidence against the couple. Evans and Eason eventually won their custody battle and their children could now come back to live with them.

However, not everyone was happy with this news. Evans’ mother, Barbara, who took care of their youngest child Ensley, did not hide her frustration. She told Radar: “It was an injustice for the children … Now they are back with this crazy guy … He is back in his nasty … I’m going to fight for these children.”

Another person who could fight Evans and Eason is Nathan Griffith, the ex of Evans with whom she shares son Kaiser. Griffith has been trying to get full custody of their son for over a year and it doesn’t look like he will stop soon.

Jenelle Evans later said that she lied about David Eason killing the dog

Jenelle Evans later said that she lied about David Eason killing the dog

Just when things can’t get more chaotic, some fans now believe that the reason Jenelle Evans is staying with her husband is that he never killed a dog in the first place.

Evans called the police on April 29, although according to the Columbus County sheriff’s office, when the authorities were investigating the couple’s house on May 1, there was no evidence that animals were being shot. Another investigation was done a few weeks later, with nothing suspicious.

The sheriff’s office then issued a statement claiming that Jenelle Evans had given the police inconsistent stories on multiple occasions. In addition, the statement also revealed: “Jenelle stated that the reason she submitted the animal abuse report was because of the publicity and because she didn’t know where her dog was.”

However, there are fans who do not buy the story that Jenelle Evans was originally looking for publicity. They think David Eason really killed the dog and Evans is now changing her words to prevent him from being accused of animal abuse.

Jenelle Evans said that she is staying with David Eason

Jenelle Evans David Eason

Many people thought that David Eason killed their family dog, was the last straw for Evans, mainly because she also lost her lucrative job because of this event. During a Q&A with fans on Evans Instagram Story, someone decided to inquire about this and asked, “Was it a difficult decision to stay with David after the dog incident?”

Evans responded to tell how she felt. “Frankly, yes, we had bad grades for almost a week. Not much talking,” she said. “He knows how angry it has made me. Now that we are dealing with this incident, our relationship has become a lot stronger. David has also completed anger management.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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