Teen Mom 2: Rumors Swirled About Kailyn Lowry ​And A New Man

Teen Mom 2: Rumors Swirled About Kailyn Lowry ​And A New Man

Kailyn Lowry is rumoured to have a new man in her life and Teen Mom 2 viewers think she shared a picture of him to spite her baby daddy Chris Lopez. It’s not clear who the mother is or when the baby was born, but Chris shared some details in the latest episode of his podcast “P.T.S.D. – Pressure Talks with Dads”.

Teen Mom 2: Rumors Swirled About Kailyn Lowry ​And A New Man

Shortly after the news of Chris’ third child became public, Kailyn Lowry shared pictures of herself with her new husband on Instagram. Instagram Teen Mom Shade Room captured a screenshot of Kailyn Lowry’s Instagram Stories picture that she shared on Friday, December 3.

In the picture, Kailyn Lowry posed next to the man she tagged, revealing that his name is Keith. She goes by the name Keith Splash on Instagram.

“She’s clearly doing all of this to get people to continue to give her the attention that she feels she so desperately needs,” wrote one Teen Mom 2 viewer, who questioned Kailyn Lowry’s motives for sharing the picture.

Kailyn Lowry and her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, recently got into a heated feud after Chris shared a part of one of Kail’s emails on his Instagram stories. When Kail saw Chris’s post, she took to Instagram Live to vent her anger and shared the rest of her email with fans.

Another fan suggested that Kailyn Lowry was already moving on with a new man and thought she needed to slow her roll. Other Teen Mom 2 fans echoed this sentiment. One of Kail’s critics joked that she was planning to get pregnant with her fifth child to make Chris jealous, who just welcomed her third child with another baby mama.

Written by Evelyn Foster


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