Tensions Rise in “90 Day Fiancé” as Nicole Threatens to Leave Egypt Over Hijab Argument

Tensions Rise in "90 Day Fiancé" as Nicole Threatens to Leave Egypt Over Hijab Argument

The latest episode of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” saw tensions rise between Nicole and her fiancé Mahmoud. The couple, who have a significant age gap and cultural differences, have been struggling to adjust to life in Egypt.

In the episode, Nicole Sherbiny expressed her frustration with having to wear a hijab in public, which is a requirement in Egypt. Mahmoud, who had previously warned Nicole about the importance of respecting local customs, was upset by her attitude and threatened to divorce her.

Nicole, who has threatened to leave Egypt before, once again threatened to leave the country and return to the United States. Mahmoud, feeling disrespected and unappreciated, called her bluff and said he was willing to go through with the divorce.

The couple’s argument continued to escalate, with Nicole Sherbiny accusing Mahmoud of being controlling and demanding. Mahmoud, on the other hand, accused Nicole of being disrespectful and not willing to make an effort to adapt to his culture.

Fans of the show have expressed concern for the couple, with many questioning whether their relationship can survive the cultural differences and challenges they face. Some have also criticized Nicole for her unwillingness to respect local customs and her insistence on imposing her own beliefs on Mahmoud.

As the season continues, viewers will have to wait and see whether Nicole and Mahmoud can overcome their differences and make their relationship work.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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