Terrifying Footage Shows Huge 7ft Wolf Chasing A Dog In The Woods

“If you go to the forest today, you’re sure of a big surprise …” The text of the nursery rhyme has never sounded better than with this terrifying video captured by a fishing guide in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

In the video, which was later uploaded to social media, the man can be heard heavily while breathing heavily, seemingly stunned by the imposing large dark figure he can see looming through the trees.

Panic then arises when the giant creature – presumably a timber wolf – borders off the ground and chases a nearby white dog that can be heard throughout the entire video.

The footage, shot near a fisherman’s cabin, shows the fast-footed dog, called Trigger, avoiding the wolf, but when the camera loses focus, the bark of the tractor sounds hurt while the man behind the camera “hey “shouts in an apparent attempt to chase the wolf away.

Newsflare reported that the man behind the camera, who also owns Trigger, talked about the Facebook incident:

“I work as a fishing guide in North Saskatchewan and I recorded this video on one of our trails around the lodge.

“We get a lot of bears that come around the lodge but this year we had a black wolf that started roaming around for a few days.

“We saw the wolf through the kitchen window in the lodge and I went outside with the camera.” The lodge manager Dan went for the gun. “When I went to take pictures, the wolf left, came back a few minutes later, and that’s when Trigger caught the wolf.

“The wolf waited for Trigger to turn away from him and then he grabbed the dog in the back and threw her straight up into the air. Then the gun shot into the air and that broke the fight.

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