The Bachelor Australia: Chelsie McLeod is leaning on her fellow Bachelor contestants

The Bachelor Australia: Chelsie McLeod is leaning on her fellow Bachelor contestants

Only nine weeks after declaring their mutual love towards the nation, The Bachelor Australia’s couple, Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod, have resigned.

The Melbourne-based couple revealed the news on Instagram on Sunday, October 17, after repeatedly denying that they had separated.

But what went wrong?

Here is everything we know about the break up so far.

Chelsie McLeod is leaning on her fellow Bachelor contestants

It seems that Chelsie has spent a girl’s time with her contestants from The Bachelor, Nichole Wood, Helena Sauzier and Sogand Mohtat.

Days after announcing their separation, the new single star shared a photo of her with the women as they parachuted together.

“Take the good with the bad,” Chelsie wrote on Instagram.

And although all the women dated Matt Agnew on the show, it’s clear where their loyalty lies.

“Friends of a lifetime after a wonderful unique experience together,” Nichole said in the photo.

Another contestant of Matt’s season, Elly Miles, showed her support by writing: “We love you. You are a ray of sunshine and you deserve the bloody world.”

Bu gönderiyi Instagram'da gör

Take the good with the bad

Chelsie 💧 (@chelsiemcleod)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Keeping the spark alive is ‘hardcore’

Although it has not yet been revealed who ended things, co-star Rachael Arahill hinted at an Instagram comment that it was Matt Agnew who moved away from the relationship.

When a fan commented “I want to know why” in the breakup announcement, Rachael responded by saying, “Chelsie does too.”

Bachelorette party Angie Kent also intervened in the breakup, telling the panel about Have you been paying attention? On November 18, he sympathizes with the couple, but he understands why the relationship collapsed.

“Once you get out of the Bachie bubble, it’s up to you to create a connection and see how it goes,” he said, describing the challenge of keeping the romance alive after the show as “hardcore.”

The Bachelor Australia: Chelsie McLeod is leaning on her fellow Bachelor contestants

Matt Agnew says it’s ‘no-one’s fault’

Separate minutes on Sunday, Matt and Chelsie posted statements on Instagram, explaining that they had called time in their two-month relationship, and Matt Agnew claimed that no one was to blame for the separation.

“These last six months since filming ended have been a unique experience,” Matt Agnew wrote on Instagram. “Chels and I have created beautiful memories together that I will always appreciate, and I wish him nothing but the best. However, I write this with great regret. For Chels and for me, our relationship has not translated from filming to reality, every day in the world as we expected. “

Matt Agnew went on to say that he thought Chelsie was a “beautiful woman,” whom he hopes he “finds the happiness he deserves.”

“It’s nobody’s fault,” he said. “It’s just life.”

While Matt Agnew issued a statement, Chelsie published a series of photos of the couple, honoring the relationship he hoped would flourish in real life.

“Matt Agnew showed me what it was like to be respected in a relationship and I’m very grateful for that,” he wrote, thanking fans for their support during their “incredibly exciting, rewarding, challenging and emotional journey.”

“It saddens me to say that we are no longer together,” he continued. “I wish him nothing but the best. I am sorry for those who invested in our relationship.”

Abbie’s second ‘shot’ with Matt

Within minutes of releasing the heartbreaking news, fans suggested that Matt Agnew could return to the arms of his second place, Abbie Chatfield, who was disconsolate after the end.

“You had chemical sparks, love and fireworks with Abbie, which is very difficult to find,” one fan wrote, and another added: “I should have chosen the one with whom he has great chemistry.”

Although followers tagged Abbie in the posts, suggesting she “come in, girl,” the property analyst closed the conversation about a meeting for the couple.

“I have been tagged in many comments this morning in posts about the end of Matt and Chelsie’s relationship. Some of you say it’s my chance, others say he has done a Blake Garvey,” Abbie wrote on Instagram. “None of this is fair to Chelsie, Matt or me.”

“My contact with Matt ended when I walked away from him in [the] final,” he continued. “And I’m good friends with Chelsie and I love her very much.”

Was there someone else?

Chelsie hinted that there was more to the division when he begged fans to “be nice online, since they don’t know what’s going on behind the screen.”

However, Matt Agnew made sure there was no suggestion that he had eyes for anyone else, writing online, “For those who wonder if there is anyone else for me at this time, there absolutely is not.”

Matt Agnew was MIA

After the final was issued, the astrophysicist ventured abroad, leaving Chelsie at home to calm the gossip that had left her.

On October 10, three weeks after the program closed, Chelsie wrote in an Instagram post: “Do you remember that time we had to hang out, [Matt]? Maybe you should come back now, so we can do it again. ! “

Fans couldn’t help asking Chelsie why her man wasn’t there now that they finally made their romance public.

Although he said he was only visiting his family, he joked that he was willing to start a request to “# bring the astrophysicist back.”

Among them, the couple has only uploaded a couple of selfies since they finished their media rounds for the show, the most recent being on November 1, at Crown in Melbourne.

Bachelorettes take sides

After the announcement, Chelsie’s single companions joined behind the chemical engineer, sending messages of love and support.

Bu gönderiyi Instagram'da gör

Thank you for having us 🥰🥰 @theprojecttv

Chelsie 💧 (@chelsiemcleod)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

The second finalist, Helena Sauzier, approached to say: “You deserve the world and all this is happening for a reason, I promise you, even if it still doesn’t seem like it.”

Meanwhile, Rachael commented: “Bigger and better things are coming for you. The Blue Prince is waiting for you somewhere. Forward and upward.”

Later, Rachael shared a cryptic story, asking fans to be kind online. “It is human nature to remember only bad comments in difficult times,” he said. “In social networks, it is very easy to forget that there is someone behind the screen.”

Interestingly, while Matt received a great deal of support and good wishes from the followers in the post, for the most part his costumes remained silent.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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