‘The Bachelor’ Did The Producers Give Hannah Godwin More Time With Colton Than Other Contestants ?

Hannah Godwin got the first impression of the rose on the first night in the Bachelor house. She and Colton did well. The parts of their conversation that were shown seemed simple and filled with chemistry. According to Hannah, the two kissed twice in the course of the evening.

Hannah G. got more time than usual with Colton on the first night

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Recently, in an interview with former bachelor student Olivia Caridi on her podcast “Mouth Off”, Hannah spoke about her first moments with Colton the night she left the limo.

“I went to [the production team] and said” hi I want to talk to him, what do I have to do to do that? ” And they thought “we have you.” I had to interrupt, but I didn’t interrupt, “she said. “We certainly had a lot of time to talk that first evening. Maybe in 20 minutes. It was a while.”

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Only later in the night, when Hannah Godwin spoke to a few other women, did she realize how abnormally long her conversation with Colton was.

“It was just such a big crazy thing in my mind that I thought,” There is just no way to pass the first night “- I told my mother. I thought: I have no idea. Then I talked to him towards the end of the night and many of the girls said ‘I haven’t had time with him, I only had one minute’, and this sounds bad, but in my mind I thought ‘oh shoot is this happening? ” I never told them I had a lot of time, I never told anyone we kissed, what there are pictures of so I can really say we did it, but we kissed for the first time while we were talking but they didn’t show that, “Hannah told Olivia.

“Then we went to the other room and that stuff and we talked about the rose and I thought ‘there is absolutely no way’, and then he called my name and I said” holy mess that this is crazy. ” And I was literally saying to him, “How is this happening, what’s the matter?”

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Olivia asked Hannah Godwin if she thought the producers might have intervened to give her more time with Colton.

“I tried to find out. I didn’t know if anyone was bothering me or maybe I just went in on time …” she replied.

What Hannah Godwin first noticed about Colton 

What did Hannah notice about Colton after all that quality time? She said the most important thing she noticed was how intense he had eye contact.

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“His eye contact is a bomb. He had great eye contact. And it wasn’t just like” I’m looking at you, “it was like” I was staring at your soul. ” But I don’t even know if it was my soul, it was as if I was through my eyeballs, through my soul, through the back of my head and gazing out. It was like deep-eye contact, “she said.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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