The best hairstyles for your face shape

The best hairstyles for your face shape

If you have never chosen a hairstyle based on the shape of your face, you may be doing a bad job. Wait, is not everyone’s head essentially a circle? Apparently that is only one of the many possible forms that a human head can be! Yes, it can even be rectangular or triangular. Because these forms are generally nuanced, the form you have is difficult to understand. But fortunately there is a trick.

Philippe Barr, creative director of Frederic Fekkai Salon in Palm Beach, Florida, told Allure to first pull your hair back so that ‘the contours of your face are completely visible’. You can even go one step further and find the outline of your face in a mirror. Please make sure you use something washable, such as lipstick. By determining the widest part of your face, the shape of your jaw and the total length of your face, you can quickly discover your face shape.

Now you can choose a hairstyle that is perfectly guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Here are some options.

Oval: the most versatile of them all

Oval: the most versatile of them all

Good news, friends with an oval face, your face shape is easy to work with. Charlotte Mensah, a prize-winning hairstylist and natural afro-hair specialist, told Marie Claire: “This face shape works with almost any type of short hair cut from super short, to chin length or shoulder length.”

If you prefer her a little longer, you can be confident that it will work. “Medium-length hair looks great when it is well maintained, think fuller, blunt styles without layering,” Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of the Hare & Bone salon, told the publication. If you fight against frizz on the reg, Burnett recommends longer locks because, as he said, “the longer and heavier the hair, the more checked it will be.”

If your hair is fine or thin, you can also experiment with long layers. Just avoid adding too many layers because “the hair only looks thinner and thin,” says Burnett.

Round: choose a square style

Round: choose a square style

If you’ve determined that your face shape is more round than oval, you should choose a style that is on the long side and ask your stylist to add subtle layers. If you normally do not separate your hair in the middle, you should also try that. Daniela Schult, senior stylist at Cutler / Redken Salon, advised stylists with rounded faces to opt for more square styles “as a rule of thumb”. Whether you choose this through stratification or “within the contour lines” is up to you because both work to add balance.

One of the biggest hair errors that a person with a round face can make is, according to the expert, to choose a style that is also round. That means you want to avoid all cuts on or above the chin.

Triangle: do this to look simply posh

Triangle: do this to look simply posh

According to the standard cosmetology of Milady, triangular – or pear – shaped, as sometimes called – faces are categorized by a smaller forehead and a wider chin line. Although balancing the face is important with every hair and face shape, this is even more important when you have braided your hair.

Milady recommends a braid style that will frame “the cheekbones”. To keep the face even more balanced, a hairstyle that is held close to the ears or even behind the ears will work well for triangular faces. Of course, this directive should not only apply to braided appearance.

Triangular celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Victoria Beckham and Rashida Jones are masters in balancing the shape of their faces with the help of trendy – and simple – tricks. If you have a face shape similar to these stars, pay attention to how their subtly placed layers, long lobes and even bangs can keep an eye on their cheekbones. It is pretty incredible.

Heart: accentuate those cheekbones

Heart: accentuate those cheekbones

If you have a heart-shaped face, be extra careful when choosing a new haircut. Hairstylist Daniela Schult explained to StyleCaster: “A heavy, short fringe that stretches too far in the sides of the forehead makes the top of the head look even wider.” And it is not just a stunner that poses a challenge for people with a heart-shaped face. “An exaggerated A-line bob that is longer in the front with irregular ends pointing to the chin [can] bring the blemish of the chin upwards in a non-flattering way,” she explained.

But do not worry, there are plenty of other styles that you can rock. You simply want to make sure that your cut width adds to the lower parts of your face, while the width at the top of your face becomes smaller. You will also want to accentuate your amazing high cheekbones, which according to Schult often occur in women with a heart-shaped appearance. If there are too many guidelines to remember, we’ll make it even easier: choose your favorite Reese Witherspoon haircut and call it a day.

Inverted triangle: a subtle difference

Inverted triangle: a subtle difference

While some might argue that heart-shaped faces and inverted triangles are the same, CysterWigs, a website that sells a variety of specialty, imported, and brand-name wigs, explained the similarities – and the main difference – between the two forms.

According to the site, both inverted triangular and heart-shaped faces are longer than they are wide. Both forms also have a tapered jaw line. However, according to the site, reverse triangles have a ‘relatively straight hairline’, compared with the peaks of the widow that are common in heart-shaped faces.

Nevertheless, the guidelines for both forms are usually interchangeable. CysterWigs recommends shag styles or something with short layers to avoid, because it can easily “overwhelm” a reversed triangular or heart-shaped face. Instead, you have to rely on lobs with long layers. If short hair is more your thing, you can try a pixie cut – just make sure there is a lot of volume on the crown to add some height.

Diamond: a bob’s best friend

Diamond: a bob's best friend

Are you unsure whether you have a diamond-shaped face? It is actually easier to find out than it seems. If your face is the widest at the cheeks and narrows to the forehead and along your jaw line, you officially meet the criteria. Woohoo! Celebrity hair stylist Paul Labrecque, from the Rittenhouse Spa and Club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, told today that the two best options for this face shape are shoulder lengths (think lobs) or classic chin-length bobs.

When styling the hair of a client with a diamond-shaped face and medium-length hair, the expert explained, “I decided to put her beautiful curls on her cheeks and remove some ends that had no structure.” He also added that when adding short layers to a diamond-shaped face, the chin can be displayed more clearly.

As with other face shapes, the key to choosing the right style for a diamond-shaped face can be summarized in just one word: balance.

Square: you can’t go wrong with “light beachy waves”

Square: you can't go wrong with "light beachy waves"

If you have a square shaped face, a wispy, delicate style is a phenomenal choice. “I often hear clients complaining about hairlines that are too heavy or layers that are cut very square,” hair specialist Daniela Schult told StyleCaster: “They feel that their looks make them look almost masculine and lack softness and femininity . “

If you are looking for some softness to your appearance, Schult said he should ask your hairdresser for layers that are more rounded and textured. While blunt bobs would give you a more serious appearance by improving the strong corners of your face, a lobe that “just touches the collarbone” will work in the opposite direction and soften those same angles. Schult also recommended long layers and elongated side-sweeping bangs. “Preferably styled in light sultry waves,” she added.

If you are not sure if you want to soften your face and want an outfit with celebrities, Olivia Wilde is your wife.

Rectangle: bye-bye middle parts

Rectangle: bye-bye middle parts

You might think that following the guidelines for square planes would also apply to rectangular surfaces. However, it appears that this is not necessarily the case. After all, they are two separate forms. While both have a square jaw line, the rectangular face shape is long and narrow with prominent cheekbones, says Jenny Strebe, hairstylist and host of haircuts.

The expert also shared her secrets on how to best mark a rectangular face. “The goal is to prevent your face from appearing longer than it is by adding fullness to the width of the face,” Strebe said. This means you want to stay in the middle of the neighborhood, too much volume at the top of your hair, and you even want to remove your long, flat locks.

Instead, try pulling your hair to the left or right and choose a “low volume” style, like soft waves, just because long hair can stick an extra length to your face, does not mean you have to get out quickly and get pixies. Shoulder to mid hair can work best for rectangular faces

Oblong: bring on some volume

Oblong: bring on some volume

An elongated face shape can often be mistaken for an oval face, but there are a few definitive ways to tell. Unlike an oval, an elongated face will be longer across the board and not as wide. A narrow chin would not be uncommon. Although narrower in general, an elongated face shape still has a wider forehead compared to an oval face. Think about: Kate Beckinsale.

To best accentuate the characteristics of an elongated face, Kérastase hair stylist Matt Fugate told Business Insider that separating your hair so that it swells from one side, will provide all the necessary movement and volume. A diagonal part looks especially fantastic on elongated faces. And if you feel a bit nostalgic before the beginning of the 2000s, you’ll be glad to know that you have one of the rare face shapes that can draw a zigzag part.

If you do not like long locks and deep sides, short beach-like waves – as shown in a L’Oreal video transformation video – will also create balance and add volume where it looks best.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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