The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope For Thomas’s Future

The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope For Thomas’s Future

Apart from Ridge and Brooke, there are probably ultimate-couples on The Bold and the Beautiful. Do you remember how many times Eric and Stephanie broke up? Just like Bill and Katie. So, it’s fair to say that Hope isn’t necessarily destined to be with Liam.

Does that mean there’s a chance that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) can win Hope’s heart, long term or short term? Soap Hub asked this question to BB fans. Read on to see the results.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope For Thomas’s Future

For a long time, The Bold and the Beautiful viewers remember Thomas Hope taking a holiday to Cabo San Lucas, but even then her feelings for Liam (Scott Clifton) got in the way. Thomas had a lot to offer Hope, but she only had an eye for Liam.

Now, however, it’s all in the light of the romantic smooch that Liam and Steffy shared. Sure, Hope and Liam share a kid – but so do Liam and Steffy. Still, Thomas won’t be forgiven for his misdeeds overnight. It’s no surprise that only 26% of you think he can win Hope’s heart.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope For Lope

The rest of you, 74%, don’t think Thomas Hope should win. He knew her girl was alive, but he kept quiet. Sure, he didn’t commit the kidnapping, but he stayed on about Hope as a mother to baby Phoebe. That’s not love.

That’s wanting to control a person. Plus, let’s not ignore the fact that Thomas might be developing feelings for Zoe, Kiara Barnes. It would be very ironic if Hope wanted a relationship with Thomas and he turned out to be unavailable.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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