The Final humiliation Diana dealt to Charles after ‘eleven wretched years’ of marriage

PRINCESS Diana has inflicted a final, devastating blow on Prince during a tense state banquet at Buckingham Palace in 1993, a royal writer claims.

Prince Charles‘s classmate and royal correspondent Ross Benson in his book, Charles “The Untold Story,” told how Princess Diana was not expected to attend the state banquet for President Mario Soares of Portugal at Buckingham Palace. According to Mr. Benson, Prince Charles was banned from any royal occasion after his departure. Only the queen could maintain an order to allow her presence on official royal occasions.

It is claimed that Diana suddenly called the queen and announced that she would attend the banquet and that the queen could not get to enforce the ban.

The queen refused to challenge Princess Diana , as Mr. Benson wrote: “For the simple reason that the queen was afraid of Diana.”

There was a deeper psychology involved, and Mr. Benson states in the book that: “The queen was afraid of the influence that Princess Diana had on her sons, William and Harry.

‘And especially afraid of the future that she feels she’s from Diana.

“That is why the queen fell back to tell Princess Diana that she would be unwelcome at the state banquet.

The Final humiliation Diana dealt to Charles after ‘eleven wretched years’ of marriage

“In fact, Diana had hijacked the royal family.

“As a member of the Queen’s staff says bluntly, when William is king, Diana will have one.”

Diana walked to the official ceremony in the Palace and stood next to the Prince of Wales, the “husband who detested her.”

The man who had been miserable and furious for eleven years.

“She had surpassed him, outsmarted him, and finally humiliated him.”

Diana had defied Prince Philip’s statement, who won and heard that she had to leave, of which Charles had announced: “Well, if she wants, she can get out.”

According to the sensational biography of the life of the Prince of Wales, the queen commented on Sarah Ferguson and Diana on one of her household: “You take two girls from broken houses and watch them pay you back.”

Further in Charles’ The Untold Story ‘, the author suggests that Diana was convinced of her right to bring her own happiness to the welfare of an institution, and that she’ chose to take a sledgehammer to the foundations of decency that the House of Windsor was built and, despite Charles’s pleas, stood up to step out of her marriage. “

The book asks why Charles did not decide to tell Diana not to stand in the state banquet after he had left him months before and therefore to cause public humiliation.

The book states that the answer lies in the way Prince Charles was brought up.

Mr. Benson writes: “He was trained to become king.

“He had not learned how to deal with a woman like Diana Spencer.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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