The Lies, Filters and Missing Phones of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

So you met the love of your life on the internet and they live in a foreign country. What are you doing? You go on the TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Exhibit your life before the 90 days and meet the man or woman.

In episode two of Before the 90 Days, many of our heroes traveled back and forth in the name of love. Teenager Avery left for Lebanon, private eye Rebecca set off for Tunisia, Darcey left for London, and Tim prepared for South America.

Avery, who has not been honest with her mother about her plans as soon as she meets Omar, informed her friends of her plans to get married and not return.

Avery’s friends, like her extremely wise younger brother, are worried. They expressed their concern that her past will be too much for Omar, especially because she was a wild type of child. What they really need to worry about is how and why she washed her hands and face and used her denim jacket to dry. What was that?!

Her mother, who accompanies Avery to Lebanon, shared her wish that Avery would wear her wedding dress, but it shows too much skin for the recent convert to Islam. The duo eventually went to the airport to discover that Avery had misplaced her phone.

Caesar and Maria

After Maria told Caesar that she could not leave Ukraine because of the state of siege, he did some “research” and discovered that this was not the case, there is nothing that keeps her in Ukraine. So when she was called up, she said she was going to Mexico as planned. Caesar does not go to Mexico empty-handed, no, he went shopping with his friend and lubricated more than $ 195 for a ring for a woman he had never met before and spent $ 40,000.

Angela and Michael

She is back! After appearing in season two of Before the 90 Days, Angela is again in front of the cameras. After the reunion, she took Michael back, but she is still worried about his activities on social media. However, she is making progress with the wedding and is planning a new trip to Nigeria to see him and discuss his social media behavior. Despite her hesitation, she asked her daughter if she would donate one of her eggs and / or be her surrogate with Michael. Then her daughter Skyla said: “Michael does not need children, he is now a grandfather.”

Rebecca and Zied

Rebecca set off for Tunisia to meet the man she hoped would be the number four husband, but first she went shopping for lingerie. “We do a lot of sexting,” she admitted, noting that he has already seen filters every inch of her body.

“At my age I don’t want to do anything slow and certainly not with Zied,” she said.

The whole filtering thing bothered her a lot, especially since he came to the airport with a filtered photo of her on his shirt.

“Rebecca doesn’t like the photo, but so beautiful,” said Zied. “So much perfect.”

Darcey and Tom

Darcey prepared for her trip across the pond by continuing to talk about Jesse. She even had a missed phone call from him. Then she and Tom fought over how flirty he was with her boyfriend over the phone.

Tim and Jeniffer

Tim’s farewell party, thrown by his ex, Veronica, did not sit well with his new love Jeniffer. Veronica, however, gave him back the ring with which he had introduced her, so that he could ask Jeniffer to marry him. Yes, that goes well.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days broadcast Sunday, 8 p.m. on TLC.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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