The Real Housewives of Potomac Star Ashley Darby Says Candiace Dillard Is “Low and Classless”

Michael Darby’s suggestive comments from earlier this season just came to light on the Real Housewives of Potomac. This revelation can only lead to a fleeting confrontation. But before that happened, Candiace Dillard, Chris Bassett, and Robyn Dixon realized that they had all heard the same statement from Michael’s mouth.

After this intriguing moment, the rest of the ladies arrived in dysfunction of the castle. Chris asked pregnant Monique Samuels if she wanted to skip the port-poached pear in her salad. Of course, that statement triggered a new round of Candiace where Ashley’s journey to motherhood was questioned. Candiace, fueled and validated by her conversation with Robyn, had Michael’s statement on the tip of her tongue. But she was sidelined and massively triggered when Ashley said, “I’m in your mother’s house now.”

Ashley shared her point of view about the argument in her Bravo blog. Ashley said, “First of all, I went to dinner out of sheer curiosity. Candiace had been so mean and disparaging about how my husband and I were dealing with our miscarriage, so my turnout was more to get this out in the open. Then I made the harmless (but very accurate) statement about the generosity of Mrs. Dorothy who allowed us to dine in her house, it was clearly a guts with Candiace who started behaving like a foolish child. “

Ashley, knowing that Candiace’s mother had called her bipolar, takes a huge challenge for her rival. She said: “When I was in college, I was working with a bipolar six-year-old in a program for children in difficulty. While we were reading, she started having an episode and I asked her to sit down. She took a scissors and tried to stab me in the neck. This situation was reminiscent of that time, except now that I was dealing with a “woman” in her thirties. “

It seems that everyone has the same ammunition in every argument with Candiace: her mother. Ashley refers to her childhood behavior: “I knew Candiace would never do anything with that butter knife, but the initial instinct was to attack her for my own safety. It took self-control and reminded myself who I was not to continue doing her during her manic moment. “

The Real Housewives of Potomac
The Real Housewives of Potomac

Ashley continued: “Chris instinctively set Candiace on time and it seemed so obvious to him. They have probably had such examples in the past. I don’t expect much from Candiace’s maturity these days, but this was even low and classless for her. “

Ashley continued to talk about what had been said about Michael before she arrived. She wrote: “Where I was really surprised was when Robyn broached the subject of what Michael would have said on L2 during my uncle’s birthday party. the night. Then they cannot agree on what they allegedly heard. “

It’s just too easy to discredit people and blame alcohol. Ashley continued: “How was Michael talking to Chris, who heard one thing, but Robyn and Candiace claim that Michael said something else? And if it was so alarming, why didn’t Robyn handle that comment on the evening? It seems to me that she wouldn’t have had a problem saying, “Hey, Ashley, did you know Michael said …” because somehow Robyn really likes it. “Keep in mind that there was a single word difference between the testimonials. They didn’t “say anything else”. Come on.

Maybe Ashley missed the interviews Robyn and Candiace gave after the L2 party. Because those ladies clearly heard the same thing. But Ashley continues to rationalize differently. She concluded, “based on the sounds of it, this idea was planted by one of these people and it languished between their small group. It was actually pretty sad. Maybe Robyn still has some resentment towards me because of our tensions in the past, but I really thought better of our friendship than that. My mistake. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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