The reality Kate Middleton faced while dating Prince William isn’t what you’d expect

Prince William has made every effort to protect Kate Middleton from the same scary media intrusion that his family has known in the past.

Despite her guard Trevor Rees-Jones, William’s mother, Princess Diana, eventually died from the relentless pursuit of the media by her.

When her son Prince William Kate Middleton began dating, he took her safety incredibly seriously so that she would not end up in the same dangerous positions his mother died in.

Katie Nicholl delves into the reality of a royal romance in her book Kate: The Future Queen, and reveals the “horrible need for a panic button.”

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Far from fairy tales and unrealistic rom-com images of dating a prince are the scary realities that Kate Middleton has experienced.

She was ruthlessly snapped by the paparazzi as she went through her business and eventually even the location of her house was made public, endangering her safety.

Nicholl said: “William was aware of the situation and worried about it.”

“He had seen firsthand how his mother had been harassed by the paparazzi and was determined that Kate would not be subjected to the same treatment.”

Kate Middleton

Kate had a direct line to Paddy Haverson, head of the press of Prince Charles to call when she needed help.

A senior member of the press told Nicholl: “We met Kate early and we were instructed to give her every possible support from the start.”

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They added that Kate was the subject of much press interest and break-ins of the paparazzi.

William said we had a duty of care for her and her family, so we advised her how to handle the cameras.”

They said they told the future Duchess to smile in front of the cameras so that there would be a “better image” and that she was advised on the best way to manage the media.

Now that they live together in Kensington Palace with their three children George, Charlotte and Louis, the Duchess of Cambridge is much more protected than she was in the early days of dating Prince Willem.

So there you have it, a royal romance is not necessarily all roses.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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