The subtle clue which reveals why Kate WON’T have another baby

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is the mother of three royal houses. Although Kate is clearly in her element as a mother, there is one important sign that suggests she will not have another child, a parenting expert has claimed.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s youngest child, Prince Louis, stole the show at Trooping the Color. Will and Kate (37) took the time to hold their one-year-old while waving at fans of the Buckingham Palace balcony. Prince George, five, and Princess Charlotte, three, stood before their parents who were taking care of their little brother. Kate’s praise for Prince Louis could be a sign that she won’t have another baby, a parenting expert has claimed.

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Kate and William have three children together: Prince Louis, who turned one in April, Princess Charlotte, who is three, and their oldest Prince George, who is five.

The duchess is at least the devoted parent and cute snapshots of her with her children showing that she is enjoying motherhood.

From the little Louis he played in the jungle garden she designed for Chelsea Flower Shower, to hold him at Trooping the Color, Kate clearly has a special bond with her youngest.

Although it is understandable that Louis needs more attention than his older brothers and sisters, there may be another reason why Kate gives him so much attention.

A maternity expert has claimed that one of the reasons Kate wants to tell so much about her is because she thinks he will be her last baby.

kate middleton

Maternity expert and founder of Bloom baby classes, Victoria Jennings told “As a mother of three, I fully understand how it looks like Prince Louis is Kate Middleton’s favorite child.

“As a parent, things pass in a flash and you want to cherish the youngest child for as long as possible; this was certainly the case with me and my youngest daughter.”

Mrs. Jennings explained that Kate and William are probably more relaxed with their third child Louis, because they have settled into parenthood.

She said: “I think that when you become a mother, there is so much to take on board and at the same time it can be both cheerful and overwhelming, but your third child gives you more confidence and you have really found your pass.”

kate middleton

Mrs. Jennings said that William and Kate would love to enjoy Louis baby years while they last.

And she hinted that Kate’s closeness to Louis could be a sign that she would no longer have children.

She said, “You want to give the third child baby for as long as possible, especially if you think they’ll be your last child.”

She added that having three children means that Kate will constantly do a careful juggling act, and says, “I am sure Kate is no different from all the mothers because she loves her children just as much and would do anything for them.

“However, there is only so much of her to go around and so there is always a juggling operation between keeping them all happy and safe at the same time.”

kate middleton

Royal fans want Kate to have another baby and the duchess has been surrounded by pregnancy rumors since the birth of Meghan Markus.

Kate and Meghan have been closer than ever since Meghan became a mother and it has been reported that Kate is more squatter than ever after the arrival of Little Archie.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl also said the Duchess of Cambridge told Entertainment Tonight: “William is overjoyed that his brother is a father. Kate is very busy. She loves being with newborns.

“I heard Kate has made herself available to Meghan if she needs advice, if she needs help.”

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