The three things all families should do to have successful holidays

Let’s not go wrong: family holidays – regardless of your child’s age – can be difficult.

All those “Are we already there?”, Moments of jetlag and the cry of “I am bored” when you try to do something that interests you.

This is not to say that a family holiday can not be enjoyed by every member of the family. You can get out of the experience and feel like the best mother / partner / person ever if you make the following adjustments to your planning schedule.

Get your kids involved from the beginning

It is completely natural to believe that because we as parents pay the bill for the holidays, we get an “arrangement” about where we are going, how we will get there and what we will do to kill time once we have arrive our destination. I mean, our parents thought the same way, right?

To keep our children out of the circle, family travel dies a slow death according to every travel expert I have interviewed in the last 20 years. No, while we wait for our children to go to bed, we can choose a resort and place some activities and tours on the credit card, tour operators, customer service representatives in the travel industry and cruise line executives are glowing bulbs and get opinions about where every member would like to go and what they would like to do.

Making children enthusiastic about an upcoming journey and having the feeling that they are an important part of the holiday machine not only helps you plan a trip that suits everyone in the family, but it also minimizes the risk of stress , tantrums and general worthless attitudes.

Seek professional advice

The pleasure of daily browsing destinations, resorts and round trips is undeniable, but when it comes to booking something, it’s worth talking to a professional professional who can print the headline of what you’re actually looking at .

Whether you sit down with a travel agent at Flight Center or have Skype with a Virtuoso agent while you and your family gather around the dining table, these people can quickly embed what you want and what you would like to avoid, and quickly build an itinerary out that is perfect for your family.

Do you think you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself? Travel agents can often get lower rates and / or add extra extras, such as room upgrades, meals or activities at no extra cost.

You will at least prevent yourself from appearing in a resort that looks perfectly okay online, but is an absolute stunner in real life.

Have back-ups

It is a rare parent who can celebrate a holiday every day with a young family without feeling that life is slowly flowing away from them.

We do not say that you dump your children every day in a kids club while you paint the city red, but it is good to know that if you have to sleep, have dinner with your partner or even have a day off, you have become your children cared for in a place where they are so happy that they hardly notice your absence.

There is not much you can do when you book a private accommodation (which makes the grandparents, AKA take the built-in babysitters for the ride), but if you look at booking a hotel, resort or cruise, consider one that has high acclaimed children’s facilities and a children’s club.

Solid options for resorts are Club Med, Outrigger and Four Seasons, while Carnival Cruise Lines, P & O and Royal Caribbean are at the top of the list for families on the high seas.

A holiday where children get a ball and parents also get a break? That sounds like a victory for us.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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