These Poisonous Ingredients Are Lurking In Your Sunscreen

Did you know that your sunscreen can be worse than the sun?

Many brand sunscreens offer “natural” sunscreens, but even natural and organic sun creams contain chemicals that leak into your bloodstream.

Some researchers even say that topical toxins are more harmful than they take, because your skin provides easier access to toxins and can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

What’s In Your Sunscreen

Aluminum is just the beginning of the horrors of this summer sunblock-buster. It is not even our biggest concern, even though aluminum is a huge health risk.

There are two different methods to block sun rays from the skin that is found in most sunscreens. The first is through organic or carbon-based filters and the second is with inorganic filters.

Organic Filters

These UV filters are easily absorbed into your skin. The most commonly used organic UV filter is oxybenzone found in urine and breast milk samples after a study was conducted on the human application of sunscreen for the whole body.

The study was completed in 2004 and found 96% of the urine samples to transport oxybenzone, which in mice are associated with sperm deviation. Another study in Switzerland shows that other UV filters have appeared in 85% of breast milk samples.

The most worrying fact about organic filters is that they are unstable when exposed to UV radiation. So the stuff that you would protect against actually weakens the filter. To finish it off, some filters become completely useless once they have been soaked through the top layers of the skin and increase the risk of cancer.

Inorganic Filters

These filters are usually made using nanoparticles of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. While the lesser of the evils, inorganic filters can form reactive oxygen species, including free radicals, and have been shown to damage human cells in a 2012 study.

It has not been shown that inorganic filters penetrate the skin just as easily as organic filters. But studies have shown that this can change if we remove the upper layers of dead skin cells, such as after shaving or scrubbing.

So to make sure it is uncertain, it is suggested to avoid inorganic filters when other options are available.

Alternative To Sunscreen

The healthiest option is to increase your tolerance to sun exposure. Blinding or shadowing is the easiest way to prevent getting sunburn. Changes in diet, such as increasing your intake of antioxidants, can also protect your skin from sun damage.

But let’s be honest; we have to be in the sun in the summer! In fact, most of us want to enjoy the sun.

In this case, the use of a non-nano-zinc oxide sunscreen is the best option. It contains larger particles than other filters that are too large to be absorbed through the skin and the bloodstream.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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