These Three Winter Root-Vegetables May Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

In the winters it’s not just about all hot and fatty foods – seasonal fruits, vegetables and hot spices are in abundance, which can help you lose weight naturally

If you’re trying to lose extra weight, but the winter craves for likegajar ka halwa, moong dal halwa and piping hot jalebis make it almost impossible to achieve your fitness goals, don’t worry because you’re not the only one. If the results of different studies are to be believed, then we often suffer from warm and fatty food in the winter compared to summers. We do not mean that someone should live in hardship, but one must follow the rule to eat such food in moderation. In fact, having a cheat meal in a week can do no harm. In the winter it is not just about all hot and fatty foods – seasonal fruits, vegetables and hot spices are in abundance, which can help you lose weight naturally. There are some winter carrot veggies that are quite popular among fitness enthusiasts and health professionals – carrots, beetroot and radish.

Here Why Carrots, Radish And Beetroot Are Perfect Additions To Any Weight Loss Diet:

Carrots For Weight Loss:

Carrots are packed with dietary fiber. Fiber usually takes a lot of time to digest, so you stay saturated for longer. When we feel saturated, we often eat less – which means that there is a smaller chance that we are dependent on messy snacks and carbonated drinks. In addition, carrots are extremely low in calories and are non-starchy in nature; therefore one can add them to their weight loss diet without any guilty. The best way to consume carrots is by eating them as they are or by throwing them in salads, smoothies or soups.

Beetroot For Weight Loss

Just like carrots, beetroot are also full of dietary fiber and low in calories. A 100-gram serving of beet contains about 43 calories with about 2.8 grams of fiber and 10 grams of carbohydrates, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Moreover, this dark red veggie is full of healthy minerals and vitamins. You can consume beetroot in juice form, so that you can stay full longer. It is a perfect natural drink for those who are trying to lose weight. A 100-ml serving of beet juice only contains 35 calories, according to the USDA.

Radish For Weight Loss

Radish is another winter carrot vegetable that is good for your weight loss program. Also known as mooli, radish is full of fiber and water, which causes a feeling of satiety for a longer period of enchantment. Moreover, radish is also very low in calories. Throw radish into your salads and dips and it can even be added to your multigrain breads such as multigrain mooli roti.

Add these winter carrot vegetables to your daily diet and lose weight naturally. Be sure to consult your doctor before adding a new vegetable to your daily diet.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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