This Is the Proper Etiquette for Leaving a Hotel Room

During your vacation, a hotel room is your home away from home, but it is much better than your actual home because you have fresh sheets every day. Here you can read how to properly thank, respect and compensate the person who manages that.

Stephanie Land is the author of the bestseller girl, about her time in the household while she supports her daughter and earns her degree online. Land’s situation was in no way unique; many people earn their money in the service sector and the standards for the way they are paid and treated vary widely. As a traveler you can raise those standards through your own behavior, and Land tweeted her suggestions on how to leave a hotel room when your stay is over.


The luxury of many clean towels in so many different shapes and sizes can go to your head quickly. Did you get new ones every day? or have you just collected them as a towel carer? Land writes that you have to collect them in a very specific way for the convenience of the person picking them up for cleaning, by drumming them up with the ‘washcloth in the middle’, probably because the washcloth is the wettest and dirtiest of them all .

Light cleaning

You are not going to vacuum or scrub the sink, but there are a few basic things you can do to make the life of a hotel entrepreneur much easier; people do some rough things in hotels and the basics Land paints a picture:

Remove the hair from the drain. Flush. Put garbage in the trash.

You wouldn’t think the toilet should be flushed, but apparently so, so please do that.

To disturb or not to disturb

Land did not bring the Do Not Disturb sign, but it became a point of contention in the comments; In theory you could leave your registration form for disorder during your stay, which limits the amount of work that a cleaner has to do. Unfortunately it is not that simple. First, as a message about Travel Skills indicates, the DND sign is not a legally binding contract. The cleaning and management of the hotel can and will enter your room despite the sign, and apparently guests often lie about leaving the sign when they return to a filthy room:

Guests will often leave the DND sign on their door when they go out for the day. When they returned, they thought that somehow, magically, their room had been cleaned without someone who violated the sign of denial. Then they call the reception and complain that their room has not been cleaned and that they do not lie about having left their DND sign on the door. This happens so often that it’s crazy.

But in the context of how your staff is assisted or hindered, it does not mean that you are cleaning the room, so that you can probably return your salary:

The housekeeping staff just wants to clean their assigned rooms, especially rooms due to checking out that day. They are not paid for the rooms they are allocated, but they do not clean and they want to see if the guest has given them a tip.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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