This Travis Scott Cheating Accusation Is a Mess

We are still in the shit-cyclone of one Kardashian deceit, so the last thing we needed was the murmur of another who is brewing. But ready or not, new allegations of infidelity to Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner rummage in the guts of the gossip world, which in history means that something is about to explode.

On February 28, TMZ reported that Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, canceled his AstroWorld concert in Buffalo, New York after Kylie accused him of cheating. TMZ offers no evidence to support this, but says that Scott flew to the California coast on Wednesday to surprise Kylie and baby Stormi at home, and during his visit Kylie reportedly found “evidence” that he had been with someone else.

One fact: Scott canceled the Buffalo concert.

Scott representatives have told E! News that Scott ‘strongly’ denies in a negative way and says that he is ‘very much’ ill and that illness is the special reason for his concert cancellation. Jenner did not say anything about the reports.

Last week news broke that Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, reportedly made contact with her sister Tristan Thompson of her sister Khloé (they have since announced their split). Jordyn will soon come with her side of the story on the Facebook Watch show by Jada Pinkett Smith, Red Table Talk, which Kylie may embarrass. If this new deceptive accusation is true, I really feel for Kylie, who is only 21 years old. All this drama becomes pretty overwhelming to read about and it should be almost impossible to process for someone who was a teenager two years ago.

However, if this is all an extended, staged campaign to get Kylie on The Bachelorette, Khloé is still the better choice.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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