The annoying separation of Tisha Campbell from Duane Martin seems to have reached a new low point – he says she accuses him of stealing, but only because she has mental problems.

Duane claims in new divorce documents – obtained by TMZ – that he is concerned about her mental and emotional well-being. In the documents, Duane says that Tisha had multiple disruptions, including a “serious” episode in August 2017, and she has become paranoid and anxious.

The ex of Tisha also claims that she is no longer herself and says that they “made up stories that are clearly not true.” Duane also claims that she “rages” against others.

According to the documents, Duane’s legal team had to take breaks during the deposition of Tisha because she could not control her emotions.

A source close to Tisha calls the new allegations “nonsense” and a continuation of the “gaslighting” he did to her during their marriage. We have also been told that Tisha is working on a new sitcom that will appear in the fall, plus a few high-profile reality shows.

As for … she’s doing fine after Duane.

As we reported … in February, Tisha and Duane reached a temporary custody agreement for handling their children. At the time, it seemed like a promising sign in their annoying split.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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