Treat Your Pet Like the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms With This Game Of Thrones Inspired Bed

The fans of Game of Thrones probably spent a lot of time fantasizing about the iron throne. Who would not let their tired bones rest on the iron throne? Although this throne does not seem so comfortable, there is something to be said for the strength we would feel. These chairs must still exist in real life, … … until now.

Now Game of Thrones enthusiasts get the chance to equip their own home with these thrones. There is, however, a nice twist. The thrones were designed with our pets in mind. If your pooch ever dreamed of sitting on top of the iron throne, this is your chance to meet their whims. After all, our dogs are already royalty and deserve the right seats.

We can not get enough of these images. See how happy the dog looks. All you need is $ 272. This is not the cheapest seat in the world, but think of the great power your pets will feel. As for those who are more concerned about the actual show, the last season is about to be broadcast. At this moment we will learn more about who will sit on the throne.

This is one of the most anticipated end seasons in television history. The show runners have released a series of photos designed to attract fans’ attention everywhere. Twitter users have also been able to have fun. Emoji’s are made to let the world know more about the characters that will appear in the upcoming season.

One thing is certain, the world can not wait to find out what happens next. In the meantime our pets deserve a good place to sit. These thrones are immediately available and show the true fans their stripes. The last season finally begins in April, so the fans do not have to wait too long. We are at the edge of our seats!

If you would like to have some fun in the meantime, have a look at the trailer of the show. The expectations have become even greater as viewers know that each episode is as long as a feature film. The biggest battle in the history of the show is also planned to take place. A complete episode will be dedicated to this fight.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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