Tristan Thompson Swears He Was Single When He Started Dating Khloé Kardashian

If I had to make a conservative estimate, I would assume that 98% of the world’s population think that Tristan Thompson is the type of cheating. How could you not? It was part of his character arch about Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But Tristan claims that the original part of his false story – the part where he reportedly cheated his pregnant girlfriend Jordan Craig with Khloé Kardashian – is not true. He recently went on Twitter and denied that something dark was happening there.

The timing of the unholy union of Tristan and Khloé coincided with the pregnancy of Jordan Craig, who naturally raised everyone’s eyebrows except the Kardashian Jenners (Botox killed their ability to do this). Khloé Instagram bragged about getting with Tristan while Jordan entered her third quarter. Khloé clearly didn’t like being painted as a housewife, because three years later she cried on Instagram about how she didn’t even know that Tristan had a pregnant girlfriend.

The names of Tristan and Jordan recently came back in the news when it was reported this week that Tristan, Jordan and their 2-year-old son Prince are on vacation together in Jamaica. It almost seemed as if Tristan and Jordan were making another attempt, since Khloé cannot take him back in any way. But Tristan says he’s not on vacation, he’s not even on vacation this summer, and kindly asks people to stop dragging Khloé in.

So Tristan tries to defend Khloé’s name against the haters. He is clearly trying to get a shout for Father’s Day! And I believe Tristan believes he was single when he joined Khloé. But how did he explain the birth of his son to Khloé? Didn’t Khloé wonder where that baby came from? In fact, I am starting to think that Tristan was trying to tell Khloé, but she was too busy with her nose to use the Facetune app to register.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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