Trump and Sharpton Once Friends in New York, Now Foes

From the seemingly unmanageable 1970s of New York to the lush early 2000s, Donald Trump and Al Sharpton flourished in the city, both as handy enemies and useful films.

The two men had similar wishes: money, power and respect. While mayors and governors turned in and out, Mr. Trump and Mr. Sharpton continued. They became staples in the newspapers and on television, mainly because of their say almost everything.

[How Trump and Sharpton became the ultimate New York enemies.]

Now Mr. Trump is in Washington and Mr. Sharpton is a host on MSNBC, and their fight is in the national spotlight (and of course on Twitter).

What is happening with President Trump and Mr. Sharpton?

Trump and Sharpton Once Friends in New York, Now Foes

President Trump is criticized for his allegations against four minority congress women and telling them to “go back” to their “totally broken” countries.

The president later attacked Elia E. Cummings, a black congressman who represents a part of Baltimore, and said that Mr. Cummings’ district is a “disgusting rat and rodent-damaged mess” where “no one would want to live.”

As my colleague Peter Baker recently said, “When it comes to racing, Mr. Trump plays with fire like no other president in a century,” but “Mr. Trump ritually denies any racial animus or motivation.”

Then Mr. Trump turned his attention to Mr. Sharpton, a civil rights leader, claiming he “hates white people” and police officers. The president seemed to respond to a Twitter post in which Mr. Sharpton was on his way to Baltimore.

Were they ever really friends?

Trump and Sharpton Once Friends in New York, Now Foes

It’s complicated.

They are both New York characters whose early career was dismissed as not serious and untidy. But with similar interests (money, power, fame) and enemies (annoying journalists, elite power brokers) they sometimes brought together.

They had friends in common, such as Don King, the entertainment promoter, and Roger Stone, the republican operative and self-described dirty cheater.

Mr. Trump cut the opening ribbon during Mr. Annual’s annual National Action Network conference. Sharpton in 2002 and returned to the event in 2006. Mr. Sharpton has Mr.’s helicopter. Trump flown.

Where are they from, and what does that mean?

Image result for Trump and Sharpton:

Mr. Trump was born in Queens. Mr. Sharpton spent his early years in Brooklyn and Queens. They now have homes in Manhattan.

This geography is important, according to Mr. Sharpton.

“Only a New Yorker understands it: a person in the suburb has a different psychology than a power man in downtown Manhattan,” Mr. said. Sharpton about Mr. Trump on a Buzzfeed podcast in 2017.

Mr. Sharpton discussed the appearance on MSNBC after Mr. Trump’s election. “I said,” You must be a New Yorker to understand Donald Trump, and you must understand this whole thing from the outer city ship on his shoulder, “he told Buzzfeed.

After that television appearance, Mr. Mr. Sharpton, called Mr. Trump him. “Al, I saw you this morning on” Morning Joe. “You understand,” Mr. Sharpton reminded the president.

As for Mr. Trump, he appeared on Fox in 2014, according to National Review, and said he knew Mr. Sharpton “very well, and I have always got along with him, to be honest with you.” Mr. Trump went on to say that “there are people who say that [Sharpton] likes Trump very much” and that “Already is a scammer.”

This article originally appeared in nytimes.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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