Trump Launches 2020 Campaign; Promises To Cure Cancer, Eradicate Aids, And Land Man On Mars

Donald Trump launched his 2020 re-election offer with promises to cure cancer, eradicate AIDS and land the first astronaut on Mars, in a speech in which more than 20,000 people were met at a packed Orlando Amway Center, Florida, on Tuesday night a Guardian report. Republicans who gathered to watch Trump launch his 2020 campaign sang “another four years.”

In the run-up to the launch of the Trump presidential campaign, many Trump supporters camped in chairs for several nights, eager to welcome the president to Florida. They braved heavy rain and the blistering sun for two days to see the launch of Donald Trump’s campaign, Fox News said. They were all decorated with red and wore MAGA t-shirts and caps. “He kept his promises, he is passionate about America. He wants to keep us safe, I am tired of people hating him. He does his best to defend us,” said Alan Machapento, a New Jersey resident. “I look at the Dow, we have the lowest unemployment ever.”

Trump chose the traditional blue suit with a red tie while the First Lady Melania Trump made a statement in a bright yellow dress. Trump spent most of the evening praising himself and his administration and focusing on the usual suspects – the press, Democrats, socialism, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Trump spoke repeatedly for almost an hour and a half and claimed that the economy was doing well and that the Democrats were out to destroy the country.

Donald Trump, who relies heavily on patriotism, included the nationalist route early in his speech and called his support a movement made of people who “love their country, love their flag, love their children, and believe that a nation for its own citizens must take care first “.

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‘Keep America Great’ is the slogan of the new campaign by Donald Trump, a tweak on his 2016 campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. The crowd also brought back an old favorite – the “build the wall” song that is now a staple, along with “locking her up” and “fake news”.

Donald Trump played the victim and created a siege mentality among his supporters who claimed that Democrats wanted to destroy America: “They wanted to take away the future that you demanded and the future that America deserves and gets. They want to destroy you and … our country destroy as we know it. “

He called on his supporters to push his 2020 campaign forward: “The only thing these politicians will understand is an earthquake in the polls. We’ve done it once, we’re going to do it again and this time we’re going to finish the job.”


Trump, who loves assigning nicknames to his opponents, found a new one for Joe Biden who called him “one-percent-Joe,” a clear reference to helping the richest players in America. Democrats are in line to discuss Florida in the coming weeks, the Independent said.

Donald Trump beat Bernie Sanders for his policy and claimed: “America will never become a socialist country.” Bernie Sanders replied: “I just had the extremely unpleasant experience of watching Donald Trump for an hour and a half … That was definitely something.”

No Trump tirade is complete without having a pop on the press and getting stuck, Trump said there was a lot of “fake news” to which the crowd responded with songs from “CNN sucks”.

Trump focused on the allegations of conspiring with Russia with his usual “No collusion, no obstruction” mantra. “Nobody has had a harder time than Donald Trump,” Trump said, calling himself the third person, for the sake of convenience forgetting Putin’s side over the United States’ own intelligence services on foreign interference in the American elections.

He then claimed that America was “winning” the trade war with China and that prices for Americans were going down. ‘False news tells you that you pay. You don’t pay very much if you pay nothing at all. “

The president was treated to a raw welcome from conservatives at the Amway Center in Orlando, but it remains to be seen whether Florida will turn red and an ominous sign of the future is the headline of Orlando Sentinel, a newspaper that supported Republicans in the past , “Our approval for President in 2020: not Donald Trump.”

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Mike Pence, who spoke in the evening, used socialism as an instrument to turn against democrats. He painted the image of all Democrats who are socialists, a concept that scares most Republican and conservative voters. Pence even went so far as to say that Trump had delivered on the promises of his first campaign. He said that Trump had promised to breathe new life into the economy, “and Trump has delivered,” Pence said. “Thanks to President Donald Trump’s leadership, America is back.”

Recent polls have not been beneficial to Trump and he has repeatedly blamed fake news and even “fake polls” for the same. A recent poll by Quinnipiac University National Poll showed that Trump would be defeated by every major Democratic candidate, including Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Cory Booker. Recent statistics showed that only 42.5% of Americans approved Trump, while 53.1%, while 53.1% disapproved of the current president, according to a Guardian report.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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