Uncovering the Real Love Story of Mahmoud and Nicole – Behind the Scenes of 90 Day Fiancé

Uncovering the Real Love Story of Mahmoud and Nicole - Behind the Scenes of 90 Day Fiancé

Mahmoud Elsherbiny and Nicole Sherbiny’s relationship has been anything but smooth sailing on the hit reality show, “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way”. However, Mahmoud’s Instagram account @mahmoud0elsherbiny seems to suggest otherwise. The account, which currently has less than 1,000 followers, showcases a different side of the couple’s relationship that viewers of the show might not be aware of.

Mahmoud Elsherbiny and Nicole Sherbiny met in a fabric store in Egypt while Nicole was on a spiritual trip. The couple hit it off immediately, and within a few days, they got married. Nicole converted to Islam and stayed with Mahmoud for two months before experiencing culture shock. She was unhappy with Mahmoud trying to change things about her, such as asking her to cover her body and hair.

Mahmoud’s first post on Instagram dates back to March 2017, where he shared pictures of his brother’s children. However, Nicole made her first appearance on his account in April 2022. Mahmoud shared a selfie with Nicole, who had red hair, which suggested that the photo might have been taken during her first trip to Egypt.

90 Day Fiancé: Happy Valentine’s Day

In February 2022, Mahmoud wished Nicole a “Happy Valentine’s Day” on his Instagram account. Mahmoud wrote, “I love you more than anything my wife happy valentines day,” tagging Nicole, who replied, “You’re the sweetest! I love you.” Mahmoud also shared a selfie with Nicole, writing, “Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.” Mahmoud has been responding sweetly with a “thank you” to all the positive comments he’s getting on his Instagram photos with Nicole.

90 Day Fiancé: Current Relationship Status

Mahmoud’s Instagram account does not confirm if the couple is still together or if they have reconciled. However, Mahmoud’s Instagram suggests that the couple might have worked out their differences and might still be together. Mahmoud’s culture differences made Nicole Sherbiny uncomfortable, but at the same time, he loves her deeply. Despite their separation, Mahmoud was unable to move on from their relationship, and his feelings towards Nicole seem to have not changed since then.

Nicole Sherbiny wanted Mahmoud Elsherbiny to accept her for who she is and sought a compromise with him. On the show, the couple has been portrayed as constantly arguing, with clothes being a source of conflict between them. Mahmoud does not allow Nicole to dress as she wants, but his Instagram suggests that he might have changed his views about her clothing choices.

The show will slowly reveal how the couple managed to iron out their differences and get their happy ending. Despite their disagreements, Mahmoud and Nicole Sherbiny seem to have found a way to make their relationship work, and fans of the show are excited to see how their love story will unfold.

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