Update on My 600-lb Life Star Paul MacNeill’s Weight Loss Journey

Update on My 600-lb Life Star Paul MacNeill's Weight Loss Journey

Paul MacNeill, a star of season 10 of the popular reality show My 600-lb Life, has made significant progress on his weight loss journey since his episode aired in December 2021. The 35-year-old from Florida sought help from renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, to undergo weight loss surgery. However, Paul was hesitant to move to Houston, Texas, where Dr. Now is based, as he didn’t want to leave his girlfriend, Jenn.

At the end of his episode, Paul had lost a total of 116 pounds, bringing his weight down to 641 pounds. He was motivated to take the necessary steps to move to Houston for surgery. In August 2021, Paul posted a fundraiser on Facebook to help pay for his weight loss surgery and subsequent recovery period, as he wouldn’t be able to work for several weeks. Unfortunately, his Facebook account was later hacked by a scammer.

Despite the setback, Paul MacNeill had his bariatric procedure and returned to Florida. Based on his social media photographs, it appears that he has been successful in maintaining his weight loss. He has been sharing updates about his journey on Instagram, where he refers to Jenn as his fiancée and, in a July 2022 post, even as his wife, although their Facebook pages still list their relationship statuses as engaged.

Paul MacNeill has also faced personal challenges since his episode aired. His father, who was featured in his My 600-lb Life episode, passed away, and Paul frequently pays tribute to him on Instagram. In October 2022, he shared a heartfelt post remembering his father and expressing his love and longing for him. Paul’s mother continues to support him through his weight loss journey, and he has also mentioned his best friend JJ, who drove him to his first appointment with Dr. Now.

Despite the challenges, Paul appears to be living life to the fullest. He has been actively working towards maintaining his weight loss, and his social media accounts reflect his happiness and determination. Paul’s success story has been inspiring, and he has received support from his loved ones and fans of the show.

As of now, Paul continues to update his followers on his weight loss journey and express gratitude for their support. His progress serves as a reminder of the challenges and triumphs that individuals face on their weight loss journeys, and how determination and support can lead to positive changes in their lives.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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