‘Welcome To Plathville’: Ethan and Olivia think about separating from family as they feel pressure from Kim and Barry

'Welcome To Plathville': Ethan and Olivia think about separating from family as they feel pressure from Kim and Barry

Kim and Barry have a strong view on how their children should be raised, but things have taken a different turn since Olivia Plath came into the family. Olivia’s lifestyle doesn’t match Kim and Barry’s expectations and it seems to be taking its toll.

In today’s episode of ‘Welcome To Plathville‘, Olivia and Ethan thought about their future and how things looked to them when they decided to stay in the family. Olivia Plath felt the pressure of Kim and Barry, so she thought they would never welcome her with an open arm.

Ethan opened up about not liking the way his parents talked to Olivia Plath. Barry had hinted that Olivia had certain blind spots so they would never be able to trust her with things. Ethan didn’t appreciate how his father reacted to Olivia and added that these problems denied them the joy of a new marriage.

He confessed that the conversation made him angry. Olivia and Ethan have been married for nine months and he felt he was trapped in the middle of their difference. However, as things went by, he understood how things were going and declared that he wanted to be with his wife.

Olivia Plath, on the other hand, confessed that it was a breaking point for her and Ethan when she looked at how things were going. While Ethan was upset to see the family dynamics, he made it clear that he loved Olivia and would not let her go. It did, however, make him wonder how he should deal with things in the family.

He wondered if he should let them go completely or wait and hope that things would get better in the future. Olivia Plath added that they could keep trying, but the big question then was how long. At this point, Ethan suggested that they always had the option to leave.

However, he was worried that his sisters would remember him if he had moved. The couple finally decided to let go of things and enjoy a quiet time together and focus on the positive things in life.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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