Welcome To Plathville Family Band tours often plays at Baptist churches

Welcome To Plathville Family Band tours often plays at Baptist churches

Welcome to Plathville brings us the great family of Kim and Barry Plath. They live on a farm near Cairo, Georgia. There they raise their nine children according to strict religious rules. Described as parents in the fundamentalist style, fans want to know which church they belong to. And it seems that they are baptists, but with some of their own additions about how they live their lives.

Welcome To Plathville Family Band tours often plays at Baptist churches

The new TLC show focuses on how the eldest son Ethan married Olivia Plath Marie Meggs. Olivia, although with a conservative religious background, clashes with her mother-in-law. She is more emancipated and occasionally allows herself to eat sugar, soda and even alcohol. TV shows Ace reported that Olivia feels very hurt that Kim Plath hates her because she sees her as a bad influence on their very sheltered children.

Facebook shows that Olivia Plath is a wedding and lifestyle photographer. The couple married at Silver Rain Farm, Tired Creek Road in Whigham, Georgia, according to Zola. There is no indication under which religion they married, but good signs indicate that the Plath family may be Baptists. For several years now, Baptist churches have been advertising that the Plath Family Band has planned events to sing and play for them. This may be a good sign that the family Welcome to Plathville is actually going to a Baptist church.

Welcome To Plathville Baptist churches schedule Plath Family Band

An informal search on Google reveals that many more than one Baptist church hosted the Plath band. In August 2017, the Plath family treated First Baptist Church members and guests to their performances of traditional gospel and bluegrass music. May this year. They also performed at Greenwood Baptist Church in 2016. The Welcome To Plathville family also shows a picture of them in a Baptist church.

Not all baptists are as extreme with their limitations as Kim Plath. But it is interesting to see that the Duggars of 19 Kids and Counting also call themselves Baptists. In their case, Bustle reminds us that the Duggars are dedicated independent Baptists. While the Baptist Church seems to be a lot of alcohol addicted, restricting children from television and technology seems a bit exaggerated. The Duggars claim that their children do not watch television. But, Jill Duggar lets the kids watch things online. But reportedly, in Kim Plath’s family, their children are trapped by these kinds of influences.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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