Welcome To Plathville – Olivia Plath helps Ethan and Morah break from conservative farm life

Welcome To Plathville – Olivia Plath helps Ethan and Morah break from conservative farm life

Welcome to Plathville brings an unusual scenario. The program presents us with the idyllic life of a conservative religious family, but we see conflicts with Ethan’s wife, Olivia. Then, any resemblance to the Tug Counting On Duggar family came out the window immediately. We reported on November 15 that Ethan Plath’s wife, Olivia, promised to talk to the YouTube channel Without a Crystal Ball. And, now that he did, we see more fractures than we suspect.

Welcome To Plathville – Olivia Plath helps Ethan and Morah break from conservative farm life

The six episode show of TLC brings us to Kim Plath and her husband Barry. They imposed severe restrictions on their offspring of nine children. Two of them got married, and since then we discovered that one, Moriah, was released after meeting his sister-in-law Olivia. In later reports, we found out that Olivia and Kim just don’t get along. Even in the program, we saw her collide with Olivia, who lives a more normal life. While her own children are denied soft drinks, television and any celebrity knowledge, Olivia separated from her restrictive education in her teens.

The program portrays Olivia as arriving on the scene to marry Ethan and then she is the root of the evil that contaminates the other children. But, the so-called idyllic life on the Welcome To Plathville farm could have begun to fracture before its arrival. Now, fulfilling his promise to talk to Without A Crystal Ball, it seems that the cracks began before he married the eldest son. And, her daughter Moriah is not Miss Popular with her parents either because she is “different” from the other children.

Cracks in the idyllic life on the farm before Ethan married Olivia

”TV Shows Ace formerly reported that Olivia feels unwelcome and unloved by Kim and her husband Barry.” And, listening to what he says Without a crystal ball, that probably won’t improve. Cheatsheet noted that, in fact, Ethan felt unhappy with life at home before marrying Olivia. Olivia seems to have led him by the hand to adult life and presented to the real world. It seems that Olivia will not gain Kim’s affection. In the program, we hear her tell Olivia that it is not her place to tell her how to raise her children.

When watching the video, some quite alarming accusations arise about Welcome to Plathville. Katie, who runs the channel, narrated some things we don’t see on the show. Katie likes to talk about cults and fundamentalists, so she is very interested in the program. As she points out, the so-called “healthy” family of Georgia is not as healthy after all. And, it is not limited to the fact that Olivia drinks alcohol and eats sugar. Moreover, it seems that it is not a different point of view on religious interpretation. We are talking about “poltergeist” here, says Katie.

What’s wrong with the Plath family?

Olivia also came from an extremely restrictive family. Mainly, aimed at women as movable goods and baby manufacturers, she left it when she was a young adult. So, she is not afraid to speak. Now married to Ethan, Kim hates being so emancipated. And, in his opinion, Kim is not a really affectionate mother. Welcome to Plathville shows your way to “capitalize on your family” and get “fame,” says Olivia. In addition, he says that Kim and Barry think he is “possessed by evil spirits.” In addition, Kim supposedly allows Moriah to associate with her and Evan, as she is also “lost to evil spirits.” Well, that really sounds out there, but it’s not like that. It is not so rare in super-religious families.

However, the cracks came before Ethan met Olivia. The eldest son in Welcome to Plathville supposedly never saw his mother cook him a meal. Also, he can’t remember that she has hugged him since he was about 12 years old. Then, the band in which they perform is not fun and is hard work for children. For her sisters, they practically act as domestic help, while her mother Kim spends a lot of time watching videos on her phone. Therefore, it seems that restrictions for children do not apply to their own lifestyle. And, it seems that she is the great head of the family, while Papa Barry simply accepts everything.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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