Welcome To Plathville, Olivia Plath stands up to Kim, helps Moriah Plath experience modern life

Welcome To Plathville, Olivia Plath stands up to Kim, helps Moriah Plath experience modern life

Welcome to Plathville is broadcast on TLC on Tuesday nights. The six episode series recently aired the second episode, and Ethan’s wife, Olivia, is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Now, he agreed to talk to Katie from the channel No Crystal Ball on YouTube. There, Katie talks about the program, other reality shows and fundamental families.

Welcome To Plathville, Olivia Plath stands up to Kim, helps Moriah experience modern life

In the last episode, we saw Ethan’s wife, Olivia and her sister Moriah, travel to California. Olivia decided to make the trip a little longer and showed Moriah Plath the city. There, she was able to eat cotton candy for the first time in her life. Well, fans love that Olivia Plath faces Ethan’s very restrictive mother. In addition, they love the way Moriah Plath experiences real life away from her fundamentalist parents who don’t even allow her teenage children to try a soda.

”TV Shows Ace reported ahead of the show that” “Plath’s parents disagree with Olivia Plath, Ethans’ new wife.” She comes from a normal type of family and they collide. It seems she is not happy with the way children stay so protected. After all, he just married a guy who had never been to the gym in his life before. “No doubt, things get worse for Olivia Plath since Kim doesn’t seem to be closer to loving her daughter-in-law. In another article, we write on how not to be loved by Ethan’s parents really hurts Olivia. But, it seems she won’t be intimidated and intends to keep talking. Now, the Welcome to Plathville star agreed to talk to the channel No Crystal Ball on YouTube.

Without A Crystal Ball approached Olivia Plath after she posts about missing travel on Instagram

On Thursday night, Olivia Plath visited her Instagram to share how much she misses trips these days. She used to travel much more in the past. In his post, he said: “I really miss Europe this morning ☕️ I would give anything to be sitting in our favorite Parisian outdoor cafe, sipping our cappuccinos and watching the city pass by us … I would give up the luxuries of each trip alone to be able to travel frequently and expand my horizons. “

@withoutacrystalball commented: “Beautiful photo. Olivia Plath, I am a presenter of a YouTube channel that covers fundamental families, and other reality shows. I would love to talk to you about your experience. Please let me know.” A Welcome to Plathville fan urged Olivia to consider it. They wrote, “Yes @oliviamarieplath 🙌 Highly recommended! I was a Mennonite maid and was talking to Katie recently about how much you and I were raised are so similar! ”Well, Olivia agreed, so maybe fans can expect an interview soon.

Olivia Plath agrees to talk to YouTuber

In response to Katie, Olivia said: “Katie, yesterday I found your Instagram and YouTube and I fell in love with you!” I would love to chat !! “. So, now they talk through DM and, hopefully, we will hear more about Ethan’s wife Olivia’s life soon.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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