Welcome To Plathville – Religious, conservative parents clash with Olivia Plath

Welcome To Plathville – Religious, conservative parents clash with Olivia Plath

Welcome To Plathville only ran six episodes, but caused a lot of controversy and interest. Fans wonder if there will be another season. But it looks like Olivia Plath won’t be back for it, even if TLC does. Olivia and Ethan are made like the villains in the Plath family, and she’s done with it. And she felt that she was being manipulated into doing it in the first place.

Welcome To Plathville – Religious, conservative parents clash with Olivia

TV shows Ace reported that Olivia Plath was struggling with her in-laws. She poured her heart out into an Instagram story about how she felt so unloved. On the show, we saw clear hostility to Kim Plath, the matriarch of nine children. Determined to keep the kids out of the modern net, all sorts of restrictions closed the door to excessive technology, soda, sugar, and stuff like that.

InTouchWeekly reported that Olivia Plath shut down TLC for dramatic editing. Olivia Plath got into trouble because she encouraged her husband’s sister, Moriah, to explore her emancipation. Meanwhile, the end of the world came when the children ate ice cream. In fact, Kim forbade her and Ethan to visit his siblings without parental control. All this was filmed for Welcome To Plathville and for Olivia Plath the stress really got her. She shared Thursday in an Instagram message how painful the whole thing became.

Olivia Plath takes break from Instagram says she won’t be back on the show

In her very long post to friends and followers, Olivia explained that she intends to spend time with lovers who matter. She also takes a break from Instagram and looks like she’s not back with TLC. In part, Olivia said that there are haters in her decision. She wrote, “I’ve received so much hatred on all my platforms since our show was broadcast, and while I know this is just part of being in this industry, I don’t need to see that negativity and toxicity every day. ”

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Just wanted to get on here real quick and let everyone know that I’m taking an Instagram break. I won’t be answering any DM’s, comments, or posting content until January. I’ve received so much hate on all of my platforms since our show aired, and while I know that is just part of being in this industry, I don’t need to be seeing that negativity and toxicity every day. I’m a strong person, not necessarily because I was born that way, but because life was hard and I learned to stand up for myself and others. Bullies and narcissists don’t phase me, and if I see someone I love being hurt or abused, it is not in my nature to stay silent. If this past year for you didn’t include getting married and moving 800 miles away, leaving your family behind, processing your childhood and re-discovering yourself, having your in-laws speak ill of you on national tv, and dealing with narcissistic behavior, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse every day, then you can’t understand my story and don’t have a reason to tell me why I’m doing everything wrong. I’m hurt, and I’m young but I’m learning. Those three things are hard enough, and when displayed on TV they are even harder because you suddenly have a peanut gallery with you. I made many mistakes during the filming of the show (the first one being allowing myself to be manipulated into doing it), and I’m not afraid to own up to that. But until you’ve dealt with narcissist behavior, you have no idea how easy it is to freak out and react in an effort to protect yourself and those you love. To everyone who has been supportive, thank you. I know I will continue to grow and evolve as a person with your encouragement 🖤 I want to use my break from social media to love well on the people in my corner, and listen to their stories. I want to use the time I would’ve spent scrolling to diving deeper into and praying over who I am meant to be as a person. Cheers to the next month being full of growing, processing emotions, and embracing my story, however hard and imperfect and messy it is. Merriest Christmas to you all. 🎄

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The star of Welcome To Plathville also regretted being ‘manipulated’ to do the show. “I made a lot of mistakes while filming the show (the first one was that I let myself be manipulated to do it),” she explained. And she described the Plath holders as “sick of [her] on national television. She said she had to deal with “narcissistic behavior, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse” every day.

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