Welcome To Plathville reveals conflict between Olivia and Ethan’s parents

Welcome To Plathville reveals conflict between Olivia and Ethan’s parents

Welcome to Plathville premiered on Tuesday, November 5. TV Shows Ace reported “the older boy and his wife Olivia appear in the center of the program. He found his freedom from all family restrictions after his wedding. “But we see his parents, especially Kim, collide with Olivia since she feels they are too restrictive with their children. Now, Olivia went to her Instagram Stories where He talked about how he feels unaccepted by Ethan’s family.

Welcome To Plathville reveals conflict between Olivia and Ethan’s parents

In the preview of the TLC program, we saw that Ethan’s parents didn’t really appreciate Olivia, who hates that their children are raised under massive restrictions. After all, before marrying her, Ethan never tried a coke. Children don’t know about Tom Brady, not even Spiderman, we inform. We also noted: “Plath’s parents disagree with Oliva, Ethans’ new wife. She seems to be unhappy with the way children stay so protected … In the preview of the program, we see Mother Kim saying, “Well, I don’t think it’s your job to raise our children.”

And it seems that the conflict might not be a story made for the show Welcome to Plathville. Olivia took her Instagram on Thursday night and revealed that real-life problems worry her. It came after she had been off the social media site for a while. Olivia explained that her phone was stolen and then ran into several application and password problems. But, she is back and talking quietly while Ethan watches television. Obviously, as the Plaths deny children’s movies and television, they are recovering lost time. In fact, after the first episode, Meaww reported that fans felt very sorry for the children.

Olivia Plath elaborates on how hurt she is with not being accepted

In a series of videos, part of which you can see in this article, Olivia revealed the pain of her heart. She talked about being in the TLC program that started last week. Olivia then spoke a little more. She noticed that the filming took time and has spent a lot of time “processing” everything. Olivia said, “in many ways, this has been a season of mourning for me.” When elaborating, the Welcome to Plathville star pointed out: “Every little girl grows up and thinks: ‘I’m going to get married and my in-laws are going to go away. Adore me.” to have a new family. “

But, for Olivia, it never worked out that way. She points out that she recently attended two weddings, and the “in-laws love their daughters-in-law.” She says she is very “happy for them.” But it has not been that way”. It has been my experience. ” That sounds very sad. In addition, he said, “it has been very difficult for me to accept it.” She says she is a “dreamer and had all these ideas in her head.” But his “first year of marriage has been nothing as [she] thought.” She explains that is why she describes it as a “season of mourning.”

Sad Olivia Plath opens up more about her feelings

Unfortunately, the Welcome to Plathville star continued to explain his feelings. She says she is learning how to “get through this with grace and class.” Expect “to get stronger and not let it break.” She reminds her fans that her “husband was raised in a very fundamentalist and legalistic home.” She points out that he is coming out of that, but the others are, “we don’t want to be like that.” Then there are questions and conflicts and shocks Olivia says that it will take much longer, presumably, to resolve itself. However, she noticed that Nathan has been the best and that he loves him deeply.

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