Welcome to Plathville star Lydia Joy Plath updates fans on her mother’s DUI case

Welcome to Plathville star Lydia Joy Plath updates fans on her mother's DUI case

Lydia Joy Plath, a cast member of the reality TV show ‘Welcome to Plathville’, recently shared an update on her mother Kim Plath’s DUI case. In a YouTube video posted on March 20, the 19-year-old revealed that her mother was doing well and frequently sees her daughters. Lydia also mentioned that she needed to meet up with her mother soon as she might be leaving town for a while.

Kim Plath, who owns a dance studio and is the mother of ten children, was involved in a single-vehicle crash in Wakulla County, Florida, on June 10, 2022. According to a report by the Florida Highway Patrol obtained exclusively by In Touch, the car overturned and eventually rested on its roof in a ditch filled with water. Kim was still in the driver’s seat when a witness and another officer helped her out of the car.

When asked by the officer how much she had to drink, Kim Plath responded that she had consumed two 12-ounce margaritas. She later consented to a blood test, which showed that she had double the amount of alcohol in her system beyond Florida’s .08 limit for driving under the influence. Kim was charged with a DUI with property damage/personal injury and turned herself in to authorities on October 20, 2022.

On March 8, 2023, Kim’s DUI case was officially closed after she was found guilty. According to online records viewed exclusively by In Touch, she was assessed a fine of $963 and given probation and 50 hours of community service. Kim Plath has requested an extension to fulfill the owed amount. In addition to community service and the fine, she is required to complete a substance abuse evaluation as well as alcohol and drug testing.

Despite her legal issues, Kim Plath’s personal life has also been tumultuous. In June 2022, she and her husband, Barry Plath, announced their plans to end their 24-year marriage. They said in a statement to People, “While this was not an easy decision, we know it’s the best choice for both of us.” Since then, Barry has assumed the role of a single parent, while Kim moved out of the family home.

Lydia Joy Plath has been helping care for her younger sisters while also working at a local bank. Meanwhile, her father recently had a family vacation with Lydia and her siblings Micah and Isaac. Despite their split, the former couple has committed to co-parenting their children as they navigate this new chapter in their lives.

Kim Plath’s legal troubles have undoubtedly been difficult for her family, but Lydia’s recent update provides some reassurance to fans that her mother is doing well. It remains to be seen how Kim’s substance abuse evaluation and testing will go, but hopefully, she will continue to make progress in her recovery.

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