Welcome To Plathville: Will Ethan Plath And Olivia Plath Split Up?

Welcome To Plathville: Will Ethan Plath And Olivia Plath Split Up?

Welcome to Plathville spoilers find out that we’ve always been rooting for Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath. They were practically each other’s high school sweethearts, married at the tender age of 21, and were each other’s first. But from the beginning, you could tell there was a disconnect between them. Ethan Plath, though a sheltered and homeschooled farm boy, seemed quite content with his life and had never thought to look outside of the way his parents lived to find any kind of happiness. Sure, he’s a boy, and in fundamentalist Christian culture, men basically have all the fun.

Welcome To Plathville: Will Ethan Plath And Olivia Plath Split Up?

Olivia Plath, however, was rebellious. She found the culture repressive, and although she’s not a rock star, she’s a wild child by fundamentalist standards, so it’s easy to see why Ethan fell for her.

While by any other definition, Olivia Plath is… still pretty damn conservative, just not… Duggar-level conservative. Still, Olivia Plath wanted out of the culture, she was hungry for freedom and independence, and saw marrying Ethan Plath as a way out. Her own family left the cult after her father saw the light and apologized to his entire family for putting them through not only religious trauma, but alcohol abuse.

Now that they’ve been married for a few years, it’s easy to see the rift. Ethan Plath used to be happy and even willing to give his all to work on this marriage, but he can’t talk about his problems at all.

Olivia is a talker and therapy has helped her process what she’s been through, but Ethan says therapy hasn’t helped him and he sees it as going and talking about his problems with a stranger, which…. is kind of justified, given the culture he came from.

But more recently there has been mention of separation and divorce. A couple we wholeheartedly supported seem to be struggling and Olivia Plath thinks it’s in the best interests of their marriage if they leave Cairo.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
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