Wendy Williams Doesn’t Care What Bow Wow Has To Say About Her Body

Just like Soulja Boy in front of him, Bow Wow also crawled out of the mid-2000 rubbish graveyard and tried to get headlines again. Except where Soulja Boy’s attempt has been both meme-worthy and sometimes cringey, Bow Wow has only been cringey. He proved that he is still bitter about his ex-girlfriend Ciara after calling her out during a club performance, which eventually led to a social media hit at Wendy Williams. But according to TMZ, Bow Wow may want to try something else, because it doesn’t bother Wendy.

Bow Wow’s latest feud began not long after his anger at Ciara in a club last week. In it, Bow Wow-you-must-have-it-paused in the middle of his and Ciara’s song Like U to remind everyone that he “had this bitch first”. Not the first time he said anything crazy about a woman. Wendy Williams decided on Wednesday to tackle the shitty shout-out of Bow Wow at The Wendy Williams Show. She started by saying, “Bow Wow, I’m mad at you” before she explained:

“Bow Wow, I don’t hate you, I’m just saying – young man, come on now. So what? … That was 15 years ago!”

Then Wendy gave a picture of Bow Wow and Ciara from fifteen years ago, and here is the moist lump in the bowl of Bow Wow:

“But this is what my dark team noticed, and I was like:” Yes, well done team. “Bow Wow is on his tippy tippy tippy toes.”

Wendy ended by saying again that Bow Wow was wrong and that everyone “lived” before meeting someone, so he needs to calm down.

Bow Wow was obviously very angry with Wendy calling his little tippy toes, because he jumped on Instagram and Twitter and posted one of those Wendy bikini photos we’ve all seen, along with a really concise caption that it’s a “hot” girl’s summer “Followed by some emojis:

I would say that Megan Tea Stallion should try to prosecute Bow Wow for using the expression Hot Girl Summer, but we all know he doesn’t have the money.

Bow Wow has since deleted the Instagram post and I am sure the tweet is next. But Wendy doesn’t cry over the mail in her tea mug. Sources tell TMZ that Wendy has not been intimidated by Bow Wow, and it will not prevent her from talking about him in the future. The sources add that Wendy maintains her opinion that he was not in line to talk about Ciara as he did. Wendy also doesn’t regret the joke about his height, because she was just “telling the truth”.

What Wendy did could classify as height shame, but technically she could only point out that Bow Wow lifted his heels off the ground in a photo where he is standing next to a much taller woman. I am personally shocked that Bow Wow threw such a puppy tantrum. Bow Wow not only has an exaggerated sense of self, he is skilled at lying about photos. I half expected that he would try to explain that he was not standing on tiptoe, but that the camera caught exactly the millisecond on which the floor collapsed under the weight of his super buff, heavy muscles.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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