What Did Jazz Jennings From ‘I Am Jazz’Originally Want Her Name to Be?

When choosing her first name, Jazz Jennings of I Am Jazz considered some options. She was born a man and was originally called Jared.

However, once Jennings switched to a woman, she wanted a name that matched her true identity. Although her mother called her her birth name until a few years ago, Jennings has maintained the name Jazz. And although the name Jazz Jennings sounds perfect, Jennings is not actually the family’s last name.

Jazz Jennings  'I Am Jazz'Originally Want Her Name to Be? ile ilgili görsel sonucu

“Jennings is our pseudonym, to make life easier. We try to hide our real last name as much as possible,” Jennings’ mother Jeanette told The Miami Herald in 2015. “Our last name is a very Jewish, long last name. We found it on “It’s easier at the moment. She’s known as Jazz Jennings. With the TV show they don’t tell anyone where we live. The TV show won’t refer to our real last name.”

This is how she arrived at ‘Jazz’

Jennings’ transition began when she was 5 years old, according to In Style. Barbara Walters regards Jennings as one of the youngest documented children to openly switch from one gender to the other.

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When it was time to choose her name, she looked at her big sister. Her sister portrayed Princess Jasmine in a play at school. So Jennings went with the name Jazz based on the character.

She started searching for a new name at a very young age

Although Jennings started her transition at the age of 5, she moved to everything shinier and sparkling even earlier. In an Instagram post, Jennings shared a name she’d chosen when she was three.

“Meet Sparkles,” she wrote alongside an incredibly cute photo of Jennings as a toddler. “When I was three years old, I called myself that. I know, I know, it sounds like something you would call a pet. But I just loved everything, sparkling, glittery and shiny (they all mean the same thing😅. “

“Anyway, when I look at old photos, I remember how valuable I am,” she continued. “We are all so precious. Always look at yourself so high – you are so valuable and deserve it. Sparkles is here to say that life is fun, and we just have to let it go and enjoy the ride, even in contrast to the contrast! “

The name “Sparkles” is really fitting. Jennings spoke with ET and said that she has always loved glitter and feminine. “I drew to everything that was feminine, dolls, dresses, princesses, mermaids, high heels, pink, purple, sparkling things – everything girl and it’s just who I was and as soon as I could put words, I said,” I am a girl. “I just didn’t like these girlish things, but I knew I was a girl,” she said.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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