What did Meghan Markle sacrifice to become a duchess?

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are the envy of women around the world. They are both married to real princes. They both live in castles: Kate in Kensington Palace and Meghan will split her time between Buckingham Palace and Frogmore Cottage. They both have beautiful children: Kate, a mother for three and Meghan, a new mother for one.

Both duchesses undoubtedly have a wonderful life. Life is filled to the brim with love and royal work to fill their time. Yet both women also had to give up a bit to be where they are now. So, who do you think gave up more: the Duchess of Sussex or the Duchess of Cambridge?

What did Kate Middleton leave behind for Prince William?

What did Meghan Markle sacrifice to become a duchess?

Kate and Prince William made the decision in April 2011 – eight years ago. Since they were married, they have experienced a lot! Kate made the move from the British citizen to a beloved duchess. William went from single man to loving husband. The couple grew together beautifully and ended up with three beautiful children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. It really is a fairy tale brought to life.

But to reach where she is today, Kate had to leave something behind. Like a British man, Kate lived a very peaceful life, one that she had to give up to walk on William’s side. While they were dating, she got a taste of royal life. It overwhelmed her, which led to two short breaks in their relationship.

It wasn’t just her privacy, she gave up. She also sacrificed her independence. During the brief divorce of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2007, Kate saw life. She was photographed at many events and her friends could enjoy her bloom and find comfort in her own skin.

She even registered for a single boat race for women. One that she trained very hard to win. When their relationship was back on track, she withdrew … and confirmed the worst fears of her friends. Kate lost herself because of true love.

“However, there was one victim of this romantic reunion: Kate herself.” – Andrew Morton (William and Catherine)

What did Meghan Markle sacrifice to become a duchess?

Meghan was a successful Hollywood star when she retired. She withdrew from a show where she was a favorite and left her acting dreams behind. The controversial duchess has worked very hard to make it to Hollywood, to walk away from her hard-earned dream must have been difficult. But with love on the line, who can blame her?

It is without a doubt the career of Meghan who had the toughest hits, but he was not the only one. Unlike Kate, Meghan came from a completely different world. Of course, they are both ordinary people, but turning an American celebrity into a British Royal is no easy feat. Although it is clear that Meghan has some leeway, she also had to leave behind the lax rules and regulations attached to her nationality.

Then there are the more “material items.” When Meghan traveled the world to stand next to her prince, she sold her condo – her own personal space. What’s even worse is that she couldn’t take her beloved puppy with her! Not to mention all her friends.

Which duchess gave up more for the royal family?

Both the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge had to give up much independence to claim their royal titles. Kate lived a simple but thriving life from the spotlight; one that was traded in to be in the spotlight with her husband. Meghan exchanged her celebrity status for royal status. While she was used to fame and attention, being royal came up with a number of rules that had turned her life upside down!

Katen was already a British resident, so the move, although overwhelming, did not necessarily mean she had to leave her friends and family behind. Meghan, however, has to cross the seas to be at her besties. It is really hard to decide who lost more, especially when you consider Kate’s friend’s comments. At least both women seem incredibly happy and it is unlikely that they will regret their life-changing decision.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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