What Is Kate Middleton Really Like Behind Closed Doors? What’s next for Kate Middleton?

What Is Kate Middleton Really Like Behind Closed Doors? What’s next for Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton has been part of the royal family for years and is consistently at the top of the popularity polls.

Royal fans love Kate Middleton because of its grace, balance and charming way of dealing with members of the public of all ages. Yet there is another side to Kate Middleton that is rarely seen – and according to reports, this other side is more true to who it actually is.

Keep reading to find out everything about Kate Middleton personality and how she really is behind closed doors, according to royal experts.

Kate Middleton is known for her dignified bearing

When Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement at the end of 2010, royal fans thought they knew her fairly well. After all, she had a relationship with Prince William almost ten years earlier, and although they had split it up, it didn’t take long before they got back together.

Some were skeptical about the combination and wondered if Kate Middleton would nod under the pressure of royal life.

Kate Middleton has more than proven the no-sayers, and since her marriage to Prince William in 2011 she apparently thrives in her role. She has impressed the public and people around the world really seem to love Middleton.

Even after the birth of three children, Kate Middleton remains calm, cool and collected. Friends of Kate Middleton even say that her relaxed personality makes her perfect for the difficult life of a royal person and that she is just sober and good as she seems to be in photos and video clips.

Kate Middleton is probably a lot of fun

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Although Middleton’s life is focused on speaking engagements, charity work, and encounters with dignitaries, she also finds time for more fun royal duties. She occasionally takes part in various sporting events against her husband, Prince William. It is during these moments of pleasure and relaxation, where royal experts say that her real personality, what she is behind closed doors, really shines.

In a recent royal family documentary, an expert pointed out those tournaments and sporting events, as well as moments when she interacts with small children, such as when the “real Kate” comes out. Her facial expressions are fun and lively and reveal that she really knows how to have a great time, even when dozens of cameras are trained with every movement.

This can be seen in a video of a recent sailing regatta, where Middleton competed against her husband and several other participants. Kate Middleton eventually finished in last place, but her facial expressions were nothing less than cheerful, and when she was offered a giant wooden spoon at the end of the match, she laughed out loud.

There is no doubt that these moments of pleasure and good energy make the audience even more loved at Kate Middleton.

What’s next for Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton will have less and less time for fun and frivolity in the coming years. While Prince William is preparing to take the throne within, probably the next decade, Middleton will stand by his side and work and train with him. In addition, she has to raise her three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Yet it seems unlikely that Middleton will ever lose her sense of joy and happiness that makes her such an asset to the royal family. At a time when the royal family is hit with negative press almost daily, Middleton can always be expected to draw some positive attention to the monarchy.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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