What is Meek Mill Net Worth? – How Does Meek Mill Make Money?

Meek Mill, born Robert Rahmeek Williams, went from an unknown rapper from Philadelphia to one of the most popular artists. Here is the wealth of Meek Mill and how he earns his money.

Early years and rise to fame

What is Meek Mill Net Worth? - How Does Meek Mill Make Money?

Meek Mill started out as a rapper in 2001. He tried to make his music known by releasing mixtapes. About three years later, the rapper formed a group called Bloodhoundz.

In 2008 he caught the attention of insiders of the music industry after he released a mixtape with the title “Flamerz.” After the release of “Flamerz 2 – Hottest in the City”, he caught the attention of Grand Hustle Records (rapper T.I.’s record label). That year Mill was signed to the T.I record label. A few years later, in 2010, he joined the Maybach Music Group of Rick Ross, part of Warner Brothers.

Career highlights

What is Meek Mill Net Worth? - How Does Meek Mill Make Money?

Mill’s debut studio album, Dreams and Nightmares, was released in 2002. The album reached the number 1 position in the American Rap and Hip Hop / R & B charts and number 1 in the Billboard 200 charts. In 2015 he released his second studio album Dreams Worth More Than Money. The album reached the number 1 position in the Billboard 200, US Rap and Hip Hop / R&B charts. In 2017 the rapper released his third album, Wins & Losses. The album reached the number 2 position in the American rap and hip hop and R&B charts.


What is Meek Mill Net Worth? - How Does Meek Mill Make Money?

Mill has paid much attention to the law in recent years. Among them, an arrest in 2012 is based on suspicion of marijuana use. He was released later. Later that year, the rapper was confronted with a hearing for breaking the probationary period. In 2014 he received a prison sentence of three to six months for breaking the probationary period by not getting permission from the court to travel for concerts.

In 2016, he was placed in house arrest and ordered to do community work as a result of breaching the conditional release. In November 2017, Meek Mill received a prison sentence of two to four years for violating parole and other minor violations, including running a wheelie without wearing a helmet, Rolling Stone reports.

Personal life

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The rapper is linked to a large number of famous women. Some of the women he dated include model Bernice Burgos, rapper Nicki Minaj and singer K Michelle.

There were once rumors that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj were dating again. During an interview with radio station Hot 97, Nicki Minaj tried to avoid answering a question about the state of her relationship with Mill. After the host asked her if there was room for her and Mill to reunite, she had this to say:

He really tried to be the bigger person, and he came out and said, “I know I didn’t do well,” and “you stood by me” and “you were good to me.” So that allowed me to breathe and really try to forgive and move on because I am a forgiving person as long as someone comes to me.

How Meek Mill makes his money

Much of Meek Mill’s income comes from album sales and touring. Outside of music, another way he earns money is through celebrity approvals. He has been supporting Puma products since 2012. He recently promoted prison reform with the brand, Complex reports.

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